The Worst news: Biden's 90th deadline


World peace has been 76 years. With the beginning of China's rejuvenation path, the situation of the world will change dramatically, and the cloud of war also covers the world. | learn Chinese word 世界和平shì jiè hé pínɡ World peace

Biden on stage, more than trump, on the basis of the complete inheritance of trump political heritage, on the attitude, appears more "cold", in the way, more "Wolf" tactics, group mode, the European "old NATO" and "Asian small NATO" gathered to China doorstep, close threat;

In terms of content, except for the aircraft giants, the biggest feature is to use false information and lies to unite its allies against China.

This time within 90 days to the intelligence department, make it clear for China, come with the new crown traceability report, is completely staged the “laundry powder test tube" incident against Iraq. Although China is not Iraq, the United States is still America. | learning Chinese 洗衣粉试管 xǐ yīfěn shì ɡuǎn “laundry powder test tube

1.The reasons for President Biden's legitimacy were questioned, social division continued, increased violence and the lack of the epidemic, prompting him to break through abroad and the urgent need to transfer contradictions

Biden's situation is bad, it soon took half a year in office, but more than half of Republicans believe that Trump is the real president. According to an earlier poll in the United States on 525,53 percent of Republicans still think the current president is still Trump President, Biden by "illegal voting", while other people hold 25 percent. Even 3% of Democrats hold the view.

At this time, Biden was "the house leakage partial every night rain, the ship late and hit the wind", terrible. At present, although the epidemic has eased, it seems to be no immediate effect, and it is difficult to reflect its ruling ability. Like his physical condition, "three consecutive falls", although it did not fall completely, it also seems weak. Naturally, in the case of hard resistance with the opponent, it is certainly not as healthy as happy to cooperate with physical and mental health, against oneself and the country, although its "substitute" is very healthy. 

The problem is that Trump has announced his participation in the next presidential election and established his own online platform, deepening social fragmentation in the United States and significantly increasing violence. In this case, Biden and China fought based on the synergy of two trends: the habit of establishing the enemy, promoting war and making money for the military complex; and on the other, continuing to fight with Trump for the demand for votes. Biden is physically and exhausted. | Free Chinese course HSK1

2. Focus on the siege of China, using ultra-extreme pressure means, played a series of combination of fist. At present, to determine the 90-day deadline, there is a desperate effort

Domestic situation is too weak. It is only to shift domestic contradictions and continue to cater to voters, that is to say, Biden had to prepare for the election four years later and did not focus on governance at all. Allied allies and attacking China are almost all. In terms of technique, military war, economic war, public opinion war, legal war, various kinds of means emerge in an endless stream, but its combination of fist highlights the following characteristics. First, to grasp the Taiwan Straits issue, step by step, to challenge China 's bottom line; 

Second, to launch vaccine diplomacy around the epidemic; third, to continue science and technology bullying, fry Trump' s cold food; and fourth is to sanction China with lies and false information around China's internal affairs.

Thinking about the countermeasures, we must understand, why did Biden want the intelligence department to intervene? The New York Times survey found that the Trump administration's Department of Health and Human Services simulated the codennamed "Crimson Infectious Diseases" in a series of exercises conducted from January to August 2019. The exercise decided that respiratory infections originated in China and spread around the world, and 47 days later, the World Health Organization announced the pandemic. It was too late: 110 million Americans were expected to get ill, causing 7.7 million hospitalizations and 586,000 deaths. Amakingly similar, it seems that everything is in the American plan.

The reference to this exercise is not an analysis of the exercise itself, but that the US intelligence department is always involved in it, and completely possibly even the designer of the exercise. US intelligence is therefore more capable of "designing" evidence than scientists. Thus, scientific problems involve the intelligence department and counter-scientifically define Biden's time. | Chinese course HSK2

3. For China, the risks of a major crisis are increasing. China has planned for the worst and is ready to counter hegemony, including recovering Taiwan and realizing cross-Straits reunification

China plan for the worst because American politicians are bad and everything can be done. Former U. S. Secretary of State Powell Powell held a test tube containing "laundry powder" as evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Today's United States, there is no gold basin to wash your hands. US media have revealed that the United States has sold 2 million barrels of oil after seizing Iranian tankers for a profit of 700 million yuan.

As a result, Biden asked the intelligence department to produce a novel coronavirus traceability report for China for 90 days, which is completely likely to manage the "laundry detergent" through the modern version of the "laundry powder" trial event. What exactly is the ultimate purpose? Actually, American politicians can't wait to offer it.

On May 28,209 Republican Republicans signed a letter to Speaker Carlos Pelosi to pressure China responsible for the deaths of nearly 600,000 and millions around the world. At the same time, we see that the UK, Canada, India, Japan and other intelligence agencies have expressed active cooperation with Biden's 90-day report.

What does China do if the purpose of Western politicians is so naked? As for what to do, China should both emphasize that China is not Iraq, but also see that the United States is the United States, plan for the worst, and resolutely implement the relentless countermeasures!

To counter, see the possible tricks of the United States and Western allies. Analysis up, nothing more than the literary play rogue and military when the bandits. At present, the United States has detained Chinese enterprise seafood for "forced labor". After the expiration of 90 days, American politicians may do everything, including the Treasury bonds bought by China, this had the wind before. | learn Mandarin 强迫劳动qiǎnɡ pò láo dònɡ forced labor

Militarily, the massive United States dare not fight, but there may be "accidents" and small friction.

Mayer, the nominee of Assistant Defense Secretary, recently publicly announced that he will send military training to strengthen Taiwan's special operations forces, and some senators have suggested awarding Taiwan an "underground resistance system". The US Special Operations Command has sent troops to Taiwan for "underground resistance tactics".

Therefore, planning for the worst is not to anticipate the future, but to deal with reality.

The news of the PLA is also exciting. According to the website of the Maritime Safety Administration, the Maritime Safety Administration of Lianyungang issued a navigation warning that the central Yellow Sea of China from 0700 to 1800 from June 1 to 2, the Shandong Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning. From 0400-2200, the Zhejiang Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning from 0800 to 2000 hours in the East China Sea. The PLA is linking the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea and East China Sea on all sides to kill the enemy under the sea and make Taiwan return to the motherland.

China is not China 120 years ago. China today is the world 's second largest economy. With the support of this economic strength, China' s military power has developed rapidly. At China's doorstep and Asian region , the US military has no chance of victory or even defeat.

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin