Chinese online live courses

Chinese online live courses, learn Chinese online face to face with a Chinese native speaker (tutor) who is professional in teaching Chinese. Build your confidence and improve your Chinese Mandarin as you learn from a live Chinese teacher with our fun and fast-paced one-to-one Chinese live online courses.

Zoom meeting is the first choice. Skype or Boom is the second one. By signing up our Chinese live online courses, you'll get a chance to practice face to face with your teacher.
We could customize study content and materials for studying including HSK preparation, conversational Chinese, Business Chinese etc. Our online live class runs smoothly as in a real class.

The first one-to-one Chinese lesson online is completely free. If you would like to experience a free trial Chinese class online with a Chinese tutor, please click here to fill in your information:Get a free trial

In addition to Chinese live online courses, you can also choose Beihai Mandarin Chinese video courses to learn Chinese online by!Beihai Mandarin provides a large number of free Chinese video lessons covers the low levels of Chinese learning. You can click here Beginner Chinese course(full lessons) to learn Chinese for free. Start it now!