Chinese video courses

Beihai Mandarin Chinese video courses mainly take Chinese level test HSK as the outline, to arrange the content, and teaches HSK Chinese courses. We have online Chinese video courses from Beginner to Advanced Chinese Courses, currently updated to HSK4.

Beihai Mandarin provides a large number of free Chinese video lessons covers the low levels of Chinese learning. You can click here Beginner Chinese course(full lessons) to learn Chinese for free. Start it now!
The content of the Chinese video courses are arranged according to the learning habits of the learners. Talk about one key knowledge in each 5-10 minutes lesson. Followed is a practice video lesson to train the knowledge. In the Chinese video courses, you will be listening, speaking, reading, writing and typing in Chinese with the teacher.And the Chinese video courses are short and practical, so learners can use the fragmented time to arrange their learning freely.

Learn Mandarin Chinese 24/7 from anywhere in the world with Beihai Mandarin. 1-to-1 Chinese class and online Chinese courses with videos are the best way to learn Chinese effectively. If you want to get a Chinese online 1-to-1 course,please click here to get a free trial class:Chinese online 1-to-1 trial class for free