Extra Learning

About Our Leveled reading material & Chinese vlogs

In addition to the video course, we also offer two innovative learning modules: Chinese leveled reading materials and Beihai Vlog. According to the HSK syllabus, Chinese reading materials are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. The materials are with rich subjects: Apart from news reading, you can find Chinese and foreign stories, myths and legends, historical stories, popular science articles, beautiful essays, etc. It is suitable for all Chinese learners. Whether you are HSK learners or follow IBDP, AP, SAT, ICGSE and other systems, you can find suitable reading materials here.

Beihai Vlogs are Chinese video podcasts created by BEIHAI MANDARIN team, which are designed to introduce all aspects of China to Chinese learners all over the world. Meanwhile, they can learn some Chinese words and sentences.

Video course, extracurricular reading and extracurricular podcast are the three core parts of Chinese learning on our website.