Chinese idiom story 22 反客为主 fǎn kè wéi zhǔ


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Idiom        反客为主 fǎn kè wéi zhǔ

Explain      turn from a guest into a host

Story background

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Liu Bei led his army to attack Hanzhong. Xia Houyuan, the commander of Hanzhong, immediately sent someone to inform his superior, Cao Cao. Cao Cao was surprised when he heard of it and immediately led 400,000 troops to resist Liu Bei's army.

Cao general Xiahou Yuan knew that Cao Cao's reinforcements arrived immediately and sent Xiahou Shang with troops to attack. Liu Bei's general, Huang Zhong, saw the Cao army come to challenge him and sent the general Chen Shi to meet him. After Xiahou Shang and Chen Shi fought for several rounds, Xiahou Shang pretended to defeat to escape, and Chen Shi pursued the victory. When Chen Shi walked halfway, the mountain suddenly rolled down a lot of big wood, hit Chen Shi, Xia Houyuan captured Chen Shi alive.

After Huang Zhong heard the report from his subordinates, he quickly went to discuss with the counsellor Fa Zheng. Fa Zheng said: " Xia Houyuan is very impetuous, brave and resourceful. We can take a step by step approach to encourage the army to move forward, and then lure Xia Houyuan to fight, which is the main anti-guest approach."

Huang Zhong adopted his proposal and advanced the position steadily. Xia Houyuan saw the Shu Han army advancing to his side, he organized troops to counterattack and sent Xiahou Shang to lead his troops in battle. As a result, Xiahou Shang and Huang Zhong played together and were caught alive.

Xia Houyuan was very angry and sent troops to surround Huang Zhong's army and swore. However, let Xia Houyuan how to abuse, Huang Zhong is not to fight. Time passed slowly, and the Cao army became more and more tired. At this time, Huang Zhong suddenly fought, Xia Houyuan had no time to prevent, was Huang Zhong cut into two paragraphs, Cao army was defeated.

Later, people used "anti-guest main" to show that guests in turn became masters, comparing from passive to active.

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