About the company

Introduction of the company

Founded in 2018, Shanghai Yi Zhong Wen Educational Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to integrating language education and technological innovation to create a new era of language learning.Beihai Mandarin is a subordinate brand of Yi Zhong Wen, aiming at the Chinese learning market. We eager to build an online platform integrating Chinese learning, Chinese teacher training and traditional Chinese culture , providing services for Chinese learners and Chinese teachers around the world.

We have a fantastic team of professionals. Our staff are all graduated from top universities at home and abroad, majoring in TCSOL(Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) or Education, with a Bachelor's or Master's degree. They all have rich working experience. Our team has been producing the series of Chinese courses which include scientific teaching system and teaching methods, vivid videos, interactive exercises and face-to-face interactions for years. The courses can greatly improve the efficiency of learning.

We provide a creative and comprehensive learning model:Chinese video lessons + Leveled reading materials + Chinese vlogs

Chinese is approachable and it only takes you 15 minutes per day to reach level 3 from beginning within one year!The daily learning schedule is totally up to you. It could be a combination of the lessons and the quizzes attached, Chinese vlogs, and reading materials.

No matter what level of learner or Chinese language teacher you are, you can find relevant content and resources on our website.

The Chinese course curriculum is based on the syllabus of Chinese language learning and the Chinese test HSK(Standard Chinese Test), which is the official and most influential Chinese tests. We will have HSK courses for full levels(1-6). Apart from these, you can also find various articles and short videos to introduce Chinese culture on our website.

Your Chinese learning progress is certainly guaranteed with our teaching method. With many years of teaching, editing and testing experience, our team has developed a unique and effective teaching system to help students learn Chinese in the most efficient way.

Beihai Mandarin is your best choice to learn Chinese with scientific learning system, best teachers and good reputation.