Leveled reading and Chinese vlog

In addition to our online Chinese courses, we provide a wide range of Chinese learning resources, including Chinese level test HSK materials, online Chinese level tests, Chinese reading materials, Leveled reading and Chinese vlog, and any other Mandarin learning materials as the extra learning materials to help Chinese learners to improve quickly.

- How can I know my Chinese level? On our website you can take the HSK online test to help you know which HSK1-6 level you are currently in. Click here to do the HSK level test

- Where can I get some Chinese level test HSK materials? Pay attention to How to learn Chinese to get the Chinese learning materials, latest news and the new HSK vocabulary list. 

- Why should you make good use of the Beihai Mandarin reading materials?Leveled reading can help you practice your listening and reading skills. Also, they will help you expand your Chinese vocabulary in a short time. Click here Chinese Reading Materials to start!

- Why should you make good use of the Beihai Chinese vlogs?Whether you plan to taking a Chinese test or just improve your ability to use Chinese in your daily life, this section is a great part for you. It helps you learn Chinese and  understand Chinese culture. Click here Beihai Chinese vlogs to start!