Chinese online 1-to-1 course

If you want to learn Chinese online with a Chinese online live course which means you will have a professional Chinese teacher online face to face, our Beihai Mandarin Chinese online 1-to-1 course is your best choice.

Our Chinese teachers are all graduated from top universities at home and abroad, majoring in TCSOL(Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) or Education, with a Bachelor's or Master's degree. They all have rich working experience.  The Chinese online 1-to-1 course can greatly improve the efficiency of learning.

The Chinese 1-to-1 class has the highest degree of flexibility, both in terms of time and content. Our suggestion is to have two or three classes a week so that you can make rapid progress in your Chinese. We could customize study content and materials for studying including HSK preparation, conversational Chinese, Business Chinese etc. Our online live class runs smoothly as in a real class.

We can provide a free online 1-to-1 class as a trial one for any students who have the interest to learn Chinese. If you want to try, please click here to get a Chinese online 1-to-1 course for free.

If you’d like to learn Chinese online by yourself with Chinese video courses, Beihai Mandarin Chinese video courses mainly take Chinese level test HSK as the outline, to arrange the content, and teaches HSK Chinese courses. We have online Chinese video courses from Beginner to Advanced Chinese Courses, currently updated to HSK4.

Beihai Mandarin provides a large number of free Chinese video lessons covers the low levels of Chinese learning. You can click here Beginner Chinese course(full lessons) to learn Chinese for free. Start it now!