Chinese course HSK 4 A

What is HSK? The HSK is the Chinese phonetic abbreviation of the Chinese proficiency examination. It is an international Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers. Chinese HSK course is the course mainly take Chinese level test HSK as the outline, to arrange the content, and teaches integrated Chinese courses with Chinese pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, dialogue, text, Chinese characters. We have online Chinese video courses for HSK from Beginner to Advanced Chinese, currently updated to HSK4.

Chinese course HSK 4 A is the Intermediate Chinese level for students who has finished Chinese course HSK 3. Chinese HSK 4 B is the first half of Chinese course HSK 4 and courseequals to CEF-B2 language level. Chinese course HSK 4 A includes 10 units. In each unit, you will learn Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Speaking, Writing part step by step. In Chinese course HSK 4 A we provide practical content, understandable explanations and rich exercises. 

By the end of Chinese course HSK 4 A, you’ll improve your Chinese rapidly with 250+ sentence patterns, 1000+ vocabulary and Chinese characters in total.

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