New Level 9 HSK (three grades and nine classes) reform priorities


1.Chinese level are divided into three grades of "three grades and nine classes", and the syllable, the four Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar, language basic elements "four-dimensional benchmark," task by verbal communication ability, the subject content and language form three evaluation dimensions of the quantitative indicators, in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating as the five language skills, thus accurate calibration level learners of Chinese.

2. After the release of the Standard, textbooks such as HSK Standard Course will continue to be used as an important part of international Chinese textbooks for a period of time.

3.The 3.0 reform has steadily made some adjustments, such as increasing the test on syllables, Chinese characters and grammar, and strengthening the test on writing level.

4.On the basis of maintaining the stability of the existing six levels, HSK7-9 (Advanced) will be added first to form the "three levels and nine levels" exam grading system. The current HSK1-6 exams will not be adjusted in the near future.

5.3.0 The new HSK Level 9 test will be held in December 2021 and will be officially launched in March 2022. HSK7-9 exams will be in the form of a "one-volume three-level", a single paper with grades based on results.

It is similar to the 1.0 eleven-level HSK evaluation method