New Chinese Course HSK is coming


After many years of practice and promotion, the Chinese course HSK has summed up some experiences. In order to make Chinese learners better learn Chinese Mandarin and adapt to the development of the overall situation in China, the Ministry of Education and relevant departments of China have launched corresponding teaching reform programs.

The approval of the National Language Commission's language and character standard examination and approval committee, “the International Chinese Education Chinese level Standard” (GF0025-2021) was recently issued by the Ministry of Education and the National language and character working Committee, and has been formally implemented as the language and character standard of the National language Commission since July 1,2021.After the implementation of the new Chinese Course HSK on July 1, how will the Chinese proficiency examination HSK be adjusted? What is the scope and extent of the adjustment? Foreign Chinese learners, international Chinese teachers and Chinese Course HSK candidates have recently received a response.

What is the relationship between“the International Chinese Education Chinese level Standard” and the Chinese Course HSK Examination?


“International Chinese Education Chinese level Standard” is the standard that guides all aspects of international Chinese learning, teaching, testing and evaluation, rather than the test outline Chinese Course HSK proposition and implementation. the "International Chinese Education Chinese level Standard" are instructive and non-compulsory, while Chinese Course HSK examinations are instrumental and practical.

Chinese Level Standards for International Chinese Education provide general guidance for the Chinese Course HSK examination, which is mainly embodied in the theory and concept of the International Chinese Education Examination: First,the learner-centered concept; The second is to highlight the Chinese characteristics, emphasizing the Chinese syllable, Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar "four-dimensional benchmark ", comprehensively consolidate the Chinese foundation; The third is to improve the quality of international Chinese education and the Chinese level of learners through the ability of verbal communication, topic task content, language quantification index, and the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating.

From this point of view, the Chinese Course HSK examination will steadily make some adjustments in accordance with the theory and ideas of the International Chinese Education Chinese Level StandardFor example, increase the examination of syllables, Chinese characters and grammar, strengthen the examination of writing level, and so on. these are the direction of Chinese Course HSK exam adjustment.


How does the Chinese Course HSK exam change overall?



Are the vocabularies in theInternational Chinese Education Chinese level Standard” the scope of the Chinese Course HSK examination? In fact, the Syllable Table, Chinese Character Table, Glossary and Syntax Level Outline in the International Chinese Language Education Chinese Level Standard” are the goals of foreign Chinese learners in these four dimensions.Chinese Course HSK the scope of the examination needs to refer to the specific situation of Chinese education in various countries.

At present, the Chinese Course HSK1-6 level examination has basically met the needs of foreign Chinese learners in primary and secondary level testing, but for foreign Chinese learners who come to China to study in the Masters and PhDs stage, Chinese major and overseas Chinese studies, there is a lack of Chinese higher level evaluation tools. Therefore, according to the “International Chinese Education Chinese level Standard”,  the Chinese Course HSK will first increase the HSK7-9 level on the basis of maintaining the stability of the existing six levels of examination, and form a "third class and nine levels" examination grade system, and the current HSK1-6 level examination will not be adjusted in the near future.


HSK7-9 grade when and how to take the exam?


International Chinese Education Chinese level Standard” will be officially implemented on July 1,2021, but Chinese Course HSK will not begin to adjust from that time.

According to the International Chinese Language Education Chinese Level Standard, the scientific development of HSK7-9 level requires a process,it is planned to test in December 2021 and officially launch in March 2022. Grade HSK7-9 examination will be in the form of "one volume three levels ", that is, a test paper, according to the results to determine the level.


How does HSK existing 1-6 exam change?


After the official release of the "International Chinese Language Education Chinese Level Standard", the Chinese Course HSK1-6 level currently being implemented will not be adjusted in the near future, and the effectiveness, examination content, reference vocabulary and examination form will continue to be implemented steadily.

Candidates at the Chinese Course HSK1-6 level are still valid and the certificate effect has not changed.Educational materials and courses developed on the basis of Chinese Course HSK1-6 levels can continue to be used.

Grade HSK1-6 in the next 3-5 years will be gradually adjusted according to the International Chinese Education Chinese Level Standard” and the actual situation of Chinese learners in various countries. In general, it will continue to adhere to the concept of "learner-centered ", adhere to the principle of combining examination and teaching, step by step, and make appropriate adjustments within the scope stipulated in the .

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