China's aircraft carrier fleet into the Western Pacific


Recently, the Chinese Navy organized the Liaoning Aircraft Carrier Formation to train in the waters around Taiwan. Six PLA warships, including the Liaoning ship, sailed south to the Pacific Ocean along the sea between Okinawa and Miyagi. What makes the outside world more concerned is, China ten thousand tons big drive Nanchang ship appears the aircraft carrier formation. This marks the Chinese naval aircraft carrier formation is accelerating to enhance the new quality combat effectiveness. | Learn Chinese word  航空母舰 ( hánɡ kōnɡ mǔ jiàn) aircraft carrier 

Six Chinese naval vessels cross the high seas between Okinawa and Miyako. In addition to the aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, the formation also includes the 055 missile destroyer Nanchang, which is the first time Nanchang ship has appeared in the aircraft carrier formation. The remaining 4 ships are the 052D destroyer Chengdu and Taiyuan, the 054 A frigate Huanggang and the 901 comprehensive supply ship Hulunhu. This is the first time since April last year that Liaoning ship has been found to carry out training missions for the new face Nanchang destroyer with Liaoning ship out of the sea, marking that the Chinese naval aircraft carrier formation is accelerating to enhance the combat effectiveness of the new qualit. | Free Chinese Course HSK level1

The Type 055 destroyers are equipped with more advanced phased array radar, information equipment and electronic warfare systems, with stronger battlefield environment perception and faster operational information processing. It not only has' bright ears', but also has' super brain'. The attack and defense firepower of the new ten thousand-ton destroyers has been fully optimized, which can support a larger and more rigorous aircraft carrier formation' anti-aircraft and anti-missile umbrella'. Under the support and cover of the 055 destroyer, the ocean-going combat capability of the aircraft carrier formation is further enhanced. | Learning Chinese word 导弹驱逐舰 (dǎo dàn qū zhú jiàn) Missile destroyer

The Liaoning aircraft carrier (codenamed :001 aircraft carrier, gangway :16, abbreviated as Liaoning ship) is an aircraft carrier under the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy that can carry fixed-wing aircraft and China's first aircraft carrier in service. | Chinese Course HSK level 2

The Liaoning aircraft carrier formerly known as the Soviet Navy's Marshal Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier Varyag in the middle and late 1980s, middle and late 1980s when the Soviet Union disintegrated, the construction project was interrupted, the completion of 68%. In 1999, China purchased the Varyag and arrived at Dalian port on 4 March 2002. | Chinese Course HSK level 3

On 26 April 2005, construction improvements by the Chinese navy began. The aim of the PLA is to modify and manufacture the unfinished aircraft carrier for scientific research, experimental and training purposes. Completed in 2011. September 25, 2012, officially renamed Liaoning, delivered to the PLA Navy. |  Chinese Course HSK level 4A

In November 2013, the Liaoning ship went from Qingdao to the South China Sea for a 47-day comprehensive naval exercise, during which the Chinese the Chinese Navy organized a large ocean-going aircraft carrier battle group, consisting of nearly 20 ships of all kinds. This is the largest single-country maritime force assembly exercise in the western Pacific region except the United States Navy since the end of the Cold War, and also marks the beginning of the aircraft carrier Liaoning with the ability to form combat groups at sea. April 12,2018, Liaoning warship formation appeared in the South China Sea parade. |  Chinese Course HSK level 4B

The Type 055 destroyer (NATO Code: Renhai-class, Chinese Name: Blade Sea Level) is a new type of fleet anti-aircraft destroyer equipped with a new active phased array radar designed by the 701 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding heavy Industry Group and jointly built by Jiangnan Shipyard and Dalian Shipyard.) is a new type of fleet anti-aircraft destroyer equipped with a new active phased array radar designed by the 701 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding heavy Industry Group and jointly built by Jiangnan Shipyard and Dalian Shipyard. | SJTU Pre-University Program

The main antenna of the 055 missile destroyer adopts conformal design, which has high information level and stealth performance. It can organize three layers of early warning and defense network, and has strong air defense, anti-missile, anti-submarine, anti-ship, land attack and electronic warfare capability. The ship has high endurance, self-sustainability and airworthiness, and can carry out operations in an unlimited area except the polar area. The first ship was launched at Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard on June 28,2017. | Chinese HSK Exam

The advent of the Type 055 destroyer is of great significance to the current Chinese navy. In addition to the use of many new technologies and design concepts, it is also the first Chinese navy to reach the world's advanced or even local leading level in platform and design concept. | Learn Chinese

This class ship is also the first time to realize the long-range attack and defense in the design of the ship's great potential excellent platform, its future improvement model and further add electromagnetic propulsion, electromagnetic gun, laser near-defense technology and sea-based anti-missile capability, will certainly become the strength to safeguard China's national security and overseas interests, but also the Chinese navy to the sword pioneer of deep blue. | Chinese language

The first destroyer, Type 055, was named Nanchang and Gang 101, reflecting the importance of the Chinese Navy. In the series of Chinese ships, the ship 101 has special significance. It was the first ship of the new Chinese naval destroyer, the flagship of the Anshan destroyer. Half a century later, the first destroyer, Type 055, was reactivated on board the 101st and named after the revolutionary shrine of Nanchang, indicating that it was the "lead ship" of all destroyers of the Chinese Navy. | Beihai Chinese Vlog

Nanchang ship is the largest destroyer in China. The ship adopts stealth design. The whole radar has small reflection cross section area, low infrared radiation, small electromagnetic radiation and low noise level. Armed and equipped with 112 vertical launchers of various types, the ship can launch anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-submarine missiles, and long-range cruise missiles against land attacks, hitting targets beyond 1000~2000 km, while adding anti-missile combat capabilities. The ship uses modern information, network radio and electronic technology, equipped with more advanced air-to-air and sea-to-sea radar, can search and detect air-to-sea targets at longer distances, faster response time, and can track and guide anti-aircraft missiles to hit more targets. | Beihaimandarin Reading Material

Nanchang ship has a certain anti-ballistic missile capability. It adopts dual band radar, has S band active phased array radar system and X band small phased array radar system, and has strong detection ability for medium and short range targets. The ship's own ability to capture information and overall information processing capabilities, including space, air, surface and underwater information at all levels of high fusion. Foreign military analysis points out that if China's development speculated, the 055 may be the first Chinese warship to install laser weapons. | Shanghai Jiao Tong University Pre-University Program

Nanchang ship has a full capacity of more than 12000 tons, reaching the volume of traditional cruisers, even larger than the United States Navy Ticonderoga class cruiser and the Russian Navy 1164 cruiser (Glorious Class). It is the world's second largest destroyer after the United States Navy's Jum Walter class destroyer, which has a full capacity of 15000 tons. By comparison, the South Korean Navy's KDX-3 Sejong class destroyer has a full capacity of 11000 tons, and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's Aitang class destroyer has a full capacity of just over 10,000 tons. The ship is an iconic warship of the Chinese navy to realize the strategic transformation and development of offshore defense and far-sea escort. It has strong single-ship combat and systematic cooperative combat capability, and has perfected the structure of the Chinese navy weapon equipment system. | Chinese Vlog

The Chinese navy implements the strategy of "offshore defense, far sea escort ". In order to fight in the far sea and ocean, it needs to face a powerful opponent with full-dimensional space combat capability, with air defense, anti-missile, anti-submarine, anti-ship and other high-end and high-intensity operations as the main content. | Chinese Mandarin language School

After the batch service of Nanchang ship with outstanding anti-aircraft and anti-missile capability, it can provide a better guarantee for the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier combat group and the surface ship combat group to carry out the mission in the far ocean. | Chinese  course HSK one on one online

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