How to find a quick way to learn Chinese


How to learn Chinese and quickly master the basic knowledge of Chinese must be a question that every foreigner who learns Chinese has to ask. For this reason, the senior expert of our R & D team gave a detailed answer to this question. To share with foreign student.

1.Establish a continuous learning channel

Students can go to local Chinese language schools or ask Chinese teachers to teach Chinese one-on-one.But the most economical and quick way is to study Chinese through the Internet, at any time and anywhere.Online Chinese video courses, its content has been compiled very complete. Even some are free Chinese courses, you can go to search.

2.How to Choose Chinese Courses

There are many Chinese courses on the Internet, interesting, practical oral, business Chinese courses.But learning Chinese should be systematic and standard,from shallow to deep, gradually accumulate Chinese knowledge.

3.How to Schedule Study Hours

In addition to the students in school, most of the learning  Chinese students are already working adults, so it is impossible to use a lot of time to learn Chinese, can only use fragmented time to learn Chinese.Our experts suggest that such students can study for 15 minutes to half an hour a day, including listening to teachers, learning Chinese words and doing classroom simulation exercises and completing simulation exercises in the question bank.You can master the basic knowledge of Chinese in three months to six months. Achieve the  level of Chinese  courses HSK2 . one year can meet the level of Chinese courses  HSK 4B. This means that you have met the minimum language requirements for college and work in China.

4.How to consolidate and expand your knowledge of Chinese

Language learning is a process of repeated memory. Don't be afraid to forget the Chinese words you have learned. According to statistics, remember a word need seven times.Only repeated memory can remember the word for life.In order to expand and familiarize yourself with the various uses of Chinese words, you need to read various Chinese articles. You can read articles about Chinese culture online, read Chinese idiom stories, Chinese philosophical stories, Chinese concise history,Watch Chinese Vlog and related Chinese news in both Chinese and English.

5.How to Practice Your Oral Chinese

While studying online, you can make some Chinese friends and communicate with them regularly to improve your oral Chinese.In the process of communication, you should not be afraid to say wrong, bold, this is a good way to practice.In addition, you can sign up for free open classes on our website, with senior teachers answering your questions and oral conversations.

6.How to evaluate the quality of a teaching course?

In addition to easy to learn easy to understand the teaching curriculum, the evaluation of a teaching curriculum depends on two aspects, first, its teaching curriculum is systematic and integrity, and second, whether the level of each teacher is the same. In this regard, our official website specially launched the Teacher Support System, has the corresponding curriculum teacher lesson preparation courseware, guarantees the teacher to prepare the lesson standardization.

7.How to Test Your Chinese Level

When you first come into contact with our Chinese standard course(Chinese Course HSK 1-4), you will have a Chinese proficiency test to help you determine which level of course you should choose.At the same time, after completing the corresponding course, you can do a simulation test in the question bank on our official  website to confirm your mastery of the course content.

In contrast to the above seven item, you can choose an optimized learning path.

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Finally, I hope every Chinese learners can learn Chinese well in the fastest, easiest and most effective way to lay a solid foundation for your future.

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin