Do you know there are three strange pandas?


Do you know there are three strange pandas?

As we all know, the giant panda is the animal world's "living fossil ". Living on the vast earth for at least 8 million years, but the evolution of more than 8 million years has brought three strange characteristics to the giant panda.


The panda is big but the cub is small

Adult pandas weigh about 100 kilograms. Giant panda cubs were born with only 70-180 grams. The smallest is more than 40 grams, only 1/10000 to 1/1000 of the weight of the mother.

Such a strong contrast is hard to imagine. From dozens of grams of giant panda cubs to hundreds of catties of adult giant pandas, how many ups and downs, this is probably one of the reasons for the slow growth of wild giant pandas.

So the question is, why is a huge adult giant panda giving birth to a pink and petite, not even a big panda baby?

The shorter the panda's tail?
Babies born soon are usually pink and covered with a short, sparse white hair. At this time, their tails are particularly conspicuous, thin and long, about a quarter to a third of their body length. Gradually, the panda baby put on a black and white "vest ", in fact, the panda's tail has always existed, but not the same proportion as other organs of the body, so the tail is getting shorter and shorter. Not only that, the giant panda's tail is covered by thick back hair more and more invisible!


Baby pandas can bark?

Friends who often watch panda channel videos know that baby pandas usually call "beep" or "um ", but in different emotions and states, baby pandas make different calls. The baby panda's cry is an important communication tool for the panda mother and baby. When baby pandas want to eat milk, want to defecate, cold or overheating, arms posture uncomfortable and other reasons feel uncomfortable, will make different calls.

Sometimes they cry like babies, sometimes they bark like puppies. S    Sometimes it's like a lamb to remind a panda mother to meet her different needs.
Although baby pandas are young, they are proficient in eight languages ~.
It is worth mentioning that the baby panda cry can also "make money ".

Japan's telecommunications phone company has worked with the zoo to make a recording of the cries of giant panda cubs, which can be heard by people can hear the cries of panda cubs as long as they phone call. In the first month of the opening of the special line ,200000 people a day can be answered, and revenue by 2 million yen a day. As a result, learning a language is also a good ~!

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