One of the four famous embroidery: Suzhou embroidery


Qing Su embroidery "wisteria double chicken map part, the Palace Museum collection

Su embroidery, is an excellent local embroidery, in the late Qing Dynasty famous.

Thousands of years of silkworm embroidery culture in the local, folk embroidery developed to the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, in all places have formed a school system, these schools in the use of materials, needlework is not very different,But in the main commonly used needlework, skills, themes and other hair surface has a unique style; Suzhou embroidery, Xiang embroidery, Shu embroidery, Yue embroidery based on the customs of their own people, because of the subject matter and appropriate needlework skills, from the history of embroidery nutrition, but also in the production and processing of Xiuzhuang operation, strive for meticulous work, and then achieved their own characteristics of local name embroidery. Four famous embroidery in the late Qing Dynasty rose to fame, but also from the rich Su, Xiang, Shu, Guangdong and other places, local gentry and merchants gathered, commodity embroidery transactions unprecedented prosperity, skills, mutual promotion, standards, prices will be high, fame is far away. Embroidery is not confined to the standard effect of daily necessities, the pursuit of appreciation, and under the nourishment of celebrity embroidery to develop their own relatively unique embroidery theme.

When it comes to Suzhou embroidery, many people are familiar with it. It is one of the four famous embroidery, and has a history of more than two thousand years. It is the most famous embroidery faction. Su embroidery color is quiet and elegant, embroidered surface smooth, neat and beautiful, composition more take Chinese painting graphics and layout, if a better expert embroidery, there must be the same inscription as traditional Chinese painting, very interesting charm of literati painting (picture Qing Su embroidery "wisteria double chicken picture" part, the Palace Museum hide). Su embroidery folk appreciation embroidery, then like to choose the subject matter of pun, some with homophonic, some with the rich implication of the combination of flowers and plants to express a beautiful meaning, embroidery out of the hands of folk painters, at the mercy of balance, simple and generous (picture Qing "Su embroidery Yao Chi Xian Pin" Chinese Suzhou embroidery Museum of Art). In the art does not require calligraphy and painting effect, in the primary color tone with halo treatment thick, with thick lines.

Compared with Shu embroidery, Xiang embroidery and Yue embroidery, Suzhou embroidery is famous for its elegant, clean, elegant and beautiful style. Su embroidery is divided into two categories: practical and appreciation. Throughout the history of Suzhou embroidery art appreciation embroidery like to use famous paintings or calligraphy and painting works as the base, most of the embroidery from the family boudoir, but also from childhood, poetry and good painting of small Jasper, superior life and good upbringing to promote their personal artistic accomplishment into embroidery, meticulous production, calligraphy and painting six methods to transfer the charm than calligraphy and painting, embroidered ink is better than calligraphy and painting, there is a way :" embroidery close to the text, can be high balance of literary products; embroidery in painting, can be a deep evaluation of painting ."

Nanjing Museum

Shen Shouxiu, Dragon in the Late Qing Dynasty, Suzhou Museum Collection

Shen Shouxiu's "The Statue of Jesus "(1913-1914) Collection of Nanjing Museum

Yang Shouyu Embroidered "Maiden" with a Random Needle
With the rapid development of embroidery in the Qing Dynasty, Suzhou embroidery has a wide range of subjects and skills. At the same time, the development of mulberry planting and sericulture and the progress of Chinese culture, art, handicraft and commerce have also created a group of highly skilled Suzhou embroidery artists and artists. Since then, the art appreciation of Suzhou embroidery accelerated into the collection of elegant hall, different embroidery show different demeanor, Suzhou embroidery ushered in a prosperous due period.