Folk Art: Noodle Man, Noodle Man


Noodle person is also called facial sculpture, is one of the traditional Chinese folk art.

According to historical records, it first appeared in the Han Dynasty.

It is waxy rice flour, flour as the main raw materials, plus some color dyes, according to the imagination of folk artists to squeeze out a variety of plastic arts.

Originally only a ball of flour, but in the hands of the artist, after constant kneading, rubbing, kneading, there are subtle points, cutting, engraving, row, and so on, created a lifelike artistic image.

Our old artists will pinch some Chinese mythology characters, such as the eight Immortals across the sea, Journey to the West and other characters, is really vivid.

Younger artists will be based on the love of children to squeeze out a variety of cartoon shapes. Small animals. Deeply loved by domestic and foreign children!