Foreigners used the memes to make fun of learning Chinese, and Chinese net friend laughed out loud, feeling they had taken their revenge on learning English


Many people will have the experience of learning a foreign language. For Chinese students, most of them choose to learn English, but for some foreign students, Chinese Mandarin is their foreign language.
As any student who has studied a foreign language knows, it takes a lot of effort to learn a foreign language well, but sometimes, even if you try very hard, you may not be able to learn it well.丨Free online Chinese proficiency assessment
Don't ask. Ask is the rule
When learning Chinese, the most difficult part to learn is that there is no regular knowledge, many times will let students have a feeling of "scratching their heads", some students may feel very confused.丨Learn Chinese online free trial
But when you ask, someone will tell you, don't ask, ask is a fixed rule, directly remember it, the net friend said after reading, like we learn English like ah!丨Chinese one-to-one lessons
Chinese is never easy. Don't underestimate it
When many foreign students just start to learn Chinese, they start from the most basic "one, two and three". It seems that it is not very difficult to learn, but Chinese is never easy, I hope you do not underestimate it. If you do not believe it, you can look at the Chinese character writing of "0", you will understand.丨Learn Chinese  “zero”“零 líng”

Confused "he she it", do not understand the Mandarin

In Chinese, "he she it" respectively means different people or things, some foreign students in the process of learning Chinese, will always feel a little confused, in fact, this and English is a little similar, can distinguish English, basically can distinguish Chinese.

In addition to "he she it", many foreign students who have studied Chinese Mandarin for a long time also have difficulty in communicating with Chinese people.

Most of the time, they may not understand what the other person is saying in Chinese Mandarin, but sometimes they don't know how to express themselves, so sometimes they can only respond with an awkward but polite smile. Want to know more Chinese Mandarin fun or learn Chinese can come to our BeihaiMandarin. There are a lot of free Chinese course,Chinese Vlog and Chinese reading material.