Chinese/English Philosophical Story series 4.Confucius borrowed umbrellas/孔子借伞


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1.Borrow an umbrella

One day, Confucius went out , it was going to rain, but he did not have an umbrella, some people suggested that: Zi Xia has, borrow from Zi Xia. Confucius said: no, Zixia this person is more stingy, I borrow, he does not give me, others will feel that he does not respect teachers; give me, .he certainly won't.

—— contact with people, know other people's weaknesses and strengths, do not use other people's weaknesses to get along and test, otherwise friendship will not last.




2. Learning

A horse and a donkey heard that the Tang monk was going to the west to learn the scriptures. The donkey felt that the trip was difficult and gave up, but the horse 


followed and went through the difficulties of 9981time, and got back the true scriptures. Donkey asked: brother, is it very hard ?  Horse said: in fact, during the time I 

went to the west, you walked no less than me, and you were blindfolded and beaten. In fact, I am afraid of living more tired.

—— real tired, from the inner ignorance and confusion.






3. Parking

Sweden's Volvo headquarters has more than 2,000 parking spaces, and early arrivals always park away from office buildings, every day.

Q :" Is your berth fixed ?"

They answered ," We arrived earlier and had time to walk more. Late colleagues may be late and need to park near the office building ."

—— more consideration for others, the road will go further.




4. Cooperation

One day, the night was quiet, the lock woke up the key and complained :" I work hard every day for the master to guard the house, and the master likes you, always 

bring you around, really envy you !"

And the key also dissatisfied said :" you stay at home every day, comfortable, how comfortable ah! I follow the master every day, the sun and rain, how hard ah! I envy you more !"

Once, the key also wanted to live a comfortable life, so he hid himself. The master went home, lost the key, smashed the lock in a hurry, and threw it into the 

garbagheap. After entering the house, the master found the key, angrily said :" the lock also smashed, now  you are useless ?" With that, he threw the key into the 

garbage heap.

The locks and keys that met in the garbage heap could not help but sigh :" today we have such a sad situation, because in the past, we did not see each other's 

value and pay, but It's always the other mountain that looks higher, each other jealousy and suspicion !"

—— A lot of times, the relationship between people is mutual, mutual wrangling, fighting, can only be cause destruction to both sides , only mutual cooperation, 

mutual appreciation, mutual unity, mutual support, mutual trust, mutual treasure, can cooperation and mutual benefits .









Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin