The " Beautiful Chinese Interpreter" at China-US High-Level Strategic Dialogue


Learn Chinese, you really understand the Chinese culture. The wisdom of the Chinese people is shown to the extreme by the Chinese language.

At the China-US high-level strategic dialogue held on March 18 and 19, a woman translator caught the national attention. Her name is Zhang Jing. With her beautiful black hair and extraordinary temperament, she made an instant appearance in the high-level strategic dialogue between China and the United States, making Chinese and American netizens sit up and take notice.

There was actually a small incident during the dialogue. Director Yang Jiechi's speech began at 8 minutes and 20 seconds, and the rest of the speech lasted 16 minutes and 26 seconds, seemingly forgetting the existence of the interpreter. However, out of professionalism and on diplomatic occasions, Zhang Jing did not interrupt Director Yang's speech, but took notes carefully all the time.

Yang Jiechi later found his speech too long and difficult for his interpreter. He had to joker and say: "It's a test for the interpreter." The American official also realized the difficulty of translating such a long speech and jocularly said: "We are going to give the translator a raise."

The result Zhang Jing said with a slight smile: I turn it over first. In this way, Zhang Jing did not panic, in less than 14 minutes, translated 16 minutes and 26 seconds of Chinese speech. On major diplomatic occasions between the two countries, he delivered an unscripted speech for nearly 20 minutes on the spot, during which he needed to take a complete record and then translate it completely. He still managed to complete the task in a timely manner in the process of shorthand translation. Moreover, the translation is fluent, natural, accurate and delicate. It can be said that Zhang Jing's psychological quality and professional ability are the best match.

Because she has to be very focused at work, Zhang Jing gives people the impression that she is very unsmiling, but even this can not hide her high appearance level, so people also call her "ice beauty". This may be the so-called "obviously can depend on the appearance level, but must rely on the strength of the model".

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