Oldest | Chinese idiom story 18 self-contradiction/自相矛盾 zì xiāng máo dùn


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【Idiom/成语】: 自相矛盾  self-contradiction  zì xiāng máo dùn

【Explain解释】: Spear/矛:an attack weapon against an enemy/进攻敌人的刺击武器;

                             Shield/盾: protect your shield/保护自己的盾牌。

                             It's a metaphor for the conflict between speaking and doing things./比喻自己说话做事前后抵触。

【Story Background/故事背景】:

During the warring States period, there was a man selling shields and spears. He boasted that the shield he sold was strong and that nothing could puncture it, and that the spear he sold was sharp and nothing could not be pierced by it.

When someone on the road heard it, he couldn't help saying ," what if you use your spear to stab your shield ?"

The shield and spear seller of Chu immediately stared, unable to answer his question.

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