Chinese pastoral dog


Chinese pastoral dog, no matter the worst times and the best times

All the past is a preface.

For Chinese pastoral dogs, this is the worst time!

Passers-by Don't Know Chinese Pastoral Dog
Chinese pastoral dogs, which have lost the natural breeding circle of reproductive isolation from the region, are faced with the wanton invasion of foreign breeds, and the dynamic and stable population gene pool has been destroyed almost devastatingly.

There are different figures in them. So that many people now all the strange dogs in the streets are called Chinese pastoral dogs, passers-by do not know the Chinese pastoral dogs, everywhere!

For thousands of years, Chinese pastoral dogs have always adhered to the responsibility of blood inheritance, dedicated to their duties.
Unfortunately, however, this is a face-looking era, no need for loyalty, only on appearance and cute pleasing. Its loyalty has become a kind of original sin, strangers also go to smile to greet, shake the tail to beg for joy?

It didn't, because whenever this thought came out, there was a roar of ancestors in his bones!
Survival and loyalty, a realistic pressure, an ancestor's admonition, once thought of this, the dog's head hurts!
Don't believe, you see, those living in the city of Chinese pastoral dogs, once met strangers, its response is :" cold face, turn around and go "!

Worthy of living with our ancestors for thousands of years! Get along day and night, osmosis, the essence of the mean!

Chinese pastoral dog, this is also the best time!
The Chinese pastoral dog said:
Because of you, all my losses will return in another way

This era has given, no matter how small individuals, can also spread to the world, in fact, there has been such a group of people around us, they have always been like a day, unremitting to tell people what is the Chinese pastoral dog!

Owner:  they have a Chinese pastoral dog, and they get along with it day and night, know how smart, sensible, obedient, save heart, see the outside world false rumors, can not help but voice for it, practice, Use action to tear up rumors!


Reproducers: their hearts are in the future, in the Chinese pastoral dog lost the natural barrier of natural reproduction, population reproduction is unsustainable, in order to accompany our ancestors for thousands of years of partners, silently carry the flag of national dogs, through professional, Systematic reproduction and collocation, curing points eliminate deficiencies. Change your life for the Chinese pastoral dog!

Because of you, the Chinese pastoral dog less aggrieved!
May the Chinese pastoral dog, because of your efforts, now see all the regrets, can become "future people" surprise bedding, the original Chinese pastoral dog so good!