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Chinese online 1-to-1 course

If You Prefer To Study With A Chinese Teacher online Face to Face With Flexible Schedule, Our Beihai Mandarin® Chinese Online 1-To-1 Course Would Be Your Best Choice. We Could Customize Study Content And Study Materials Including HSK Chinese courses, HSK Test Preparation, Survival Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Business Chinese Related To Your Work Industry, Etc.

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Learn Beihai Mandarin® Chinese online 1-to-1 course with Chinese video course

Why do you choose Beihai Mandarin Chinese Online 1-to-1 Course?

·Class schedule can be flexible as you request.
·You are able to learn at your own place.
·Flexible time schedule
·Tailor made content
·Class is as fun and interactive as in real class

·Through a reliable and professional online conference platform, our online course runs smoothly as in real class.

How many kinds of  Beihai Mandarin® Chinese Online 1-to-1 Courses do Beihai Mandarin provide?

·HSK Chinese courses  (What is HSK?)
·HSK preparation 
·Integreted Chinese
·Business Chinese
·Chinese Reading and writing

·Conversational Chinese
·Any other content or Chinese course meets your requests

How can I know my current Chinese level?

On our website you can take the HSK online test to help you know which HSK1-6 level you are currently in. Click here to do the HSK level test

How can I get a free Chinese Online 1-to-1 Course for a trial?

Learn Chinese online with a 1-to-1 Chinese teacher, first trial class is totally for free. If you would like to experience a free trial Chinese class online with a Chinese teacher, please click here to fill in your information:Get a free trial and we will email you as soon as possible.

How do I take a Chinese Online 1-to-1 Course?

We will use BOOM software as the tool for distance courses. The class time will be arranged according to your preference and the teacher's time in China. Each student has a chance for a trial lesson for free before you decide to purchase and course. Free online level test is provided.

Can I take a Chinese Online 1-to-1 Course with a Chinese video course at the same time?

Of coure you can do Chinese onine 1-to-1 course and Chinese video course at the same time. You can think about the amount and the proportion of the different lessons. That's all up to your needs. Beihai Mandarin provides a large number of free Chinese video lessons covers the low levels of Chinese learning. You can click here Beginner Chinese course(full lessons) to learn Chinese for free. Start it now!


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