Chinese idiom story 23 居安思危 jū ān sī wēi


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Idiom         居安思危  jū ān sī wēi

Explain       Although in a safe environment, we also think of the possibility of danger. Always prepared for accidents.

Story background

Song, Qi and other countries jointly attacked the State of Zheng. The weak Zheng knew that it was insufficient, so it asked the State of Jin to serve as an intermediary, hoping that Song, Qi and other countries could cancel the idea of the attack. 

Other countries were afraid of the powerful state of Jin, and did not want to offend the state of Jin, so they decided to retreat.

In order to thank the State of Jin, King Zheng sent people to offer many beauties and precious jewelry as a congratulatory ceremony. After receiving the gift, Jin Gong was very happy and rewarded half of the beauties to Wei Jiang, the great hero of the matter.

Unexpectedly, the upright Wei Jiang refused and advised the Duke of Jin that although the state of Jin is powerful, we must never be careless, because when people are safe, we must think of the danger in the future, so as to make preparations first to avoid failure and disaster.

After listening to Wei Jiang's words, Duke Gong of Jin knew that he always cared about the safety of the country and the people, and respected him more.

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin