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On June 9, it was the seventh day that the Yunnan Elephant Group had moved north into Kunming jurisdiction. According to the news disclosed by the provincial headquarters of the security prevention work of Yunnan Province, on June 7, the elephant group continued to rest in the sunset township of Jinning District, Kunming City, and suspended the migration. | learn Chinese 大象 dà xiànɡ  elephant

 unmanned airplane took photos

The emergence of elephant groups has also mobilized all kinds of social resources. All government departments conduct target groups for monitoring and guidance, which only for one goal of "humans and elephants are peace". | learning Chinese word 人象平安 rén xiànɡ pínɡ ān  humans and elephants are peace

Where exactly does the elephant go? Why did they move north? Academics and the public have been discussing and guessing recently, and the media has also conducted a lot of reports, so far there is no conclusion. But anyway, the relocation of elephants north is certainly an excellent opportunity to observe elephant behavior and a good opportunity to revisit the relationship between humans and animals. | learn Mandarin 动物 dònɡ wù  animal

In March last year, 16 wild Asian elephants started from Xishuangbanna all the north, through Pu 'er, Yunnan Province, Pu' er City, Yuanjiang County, Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture, Yuxi Eshan County, Hongta District, and finally arrived in Kunming. A small elephant was born along the way, and two other elephants returned to Mojiang County. As of today, the herd has traveled more than 500 kilometers north, for a year and three months. | learning Mandarin  无人飞机 wú rén fēi jī  unmanned airplane

More than 10 big guys slept on the ground. The little elephant sleeping in the arms of an elephant touched the soft heart of everyone.

Good opportunity to think about human-animal relationships

Now the elephant group is in the border between Kunming and Yuxi. Where they go next, no one can give an accurate answer. The academia and the people have conducted all kinds of speculation.

Some people say that their original habitat has deteriorated, food is reduced, they must run away in search for new food sources; Some people say that migration is the animal instinct, this incident is just an accident; Others said they were affected by magnetic violence; others said the herd was lost …

Whatever the reason, the 15 elephants walked nearly 500 kilometers, enjoyed the high-standard free travel, was warmly welcomed by the local residents, and truly achieved people and elephants peace!

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin