Chinese/English Philosophical Story series 5 The disadvantage is the advantage of a malnutrition


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There is a teenager who thinks his biggest disadvantage is cowardice, for this he is very inferiority, no friends, often feel that he has no hope for his future.

One day, the boy summoned up the courage to see a psychiatrist. After the doctor stammered, the doctor held his hand and said with a smile, " How is this a disadvantage? It is clearly an advantage! You are only very cautious, and prudent people are always reliable and have little trouble."

When the teenager heard the psychologist say so, he had some doubts: " Then, courage becomes a disadvantage?' The doctor shook his head: " No, prudence is an advantage, and bravery is another advantage. But usually people pay more attention to the advantage of bravery. It's like silver, people focus more on gold."

After listening to the young heart is quite relieved, eyebrows some stretch.

The doctor asked the boy again: "Do you like wordy people?" The teenager said: "Don't like it." "The doctor said," But if you have read Balzac's novel, you will find that the great writer is long-winded, he often speaks for a room, a small scenery, mother and law. But if you eliminate that, it is not Balzac 's novel. Can you say that it must be Balzac' s shortcomings?"

The teenager smiled.

The doctor asked, "Do you hate drunkard?" The teenager said, "Of course." The doctor said, "Isn't Li Bai an alcoholic?" The teenager interrupted the doctor: " No! Like Tao Yuanming, he is a poet who loves drinking, 'Li Bai fights a hundred poems'." The doctor applauded and smiled, " Yes! I agree with your view, you mean that —— shortcomings show different colors in different people: some alcoholics are just an alcoholic, and Li Bai is a poet who lives in wine."

The doctor then said: " The so-called shortcomings are at most just an advantage of malnutrition. If you are a warrior, cowardice is obviously a disadvantage; if you are a driver, cowardice is certainly an advantage. Rather than trying to overcome cowardice, you should try to increase your knowledge and talent. When you have more knowledge and broad vision, it is difficult even if you want to be a coward."

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin