How to teach foreigners to learn Chinese characters?


For every foreigner who is learning Chinese, their basic requirement is to acquire the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese, so that they can have basic barrier-free communication, so as to help their life and work become better. In this four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, for many foreigners more difficult is about the learning of Chinese characters, so how to teach foreigners to learn Chinese characters?
How to teach foreigners to learn Chinese characters? In my opinion is to beihaimandarin to learn it! Chinese students I think that in the north sea Chinese learning are worth others using for reference, here they will first combined with Chinese teacher to design appropriate Chinese language course, then a gradual learning process from simple to complex, which can make foreigners learn Chinese characters become more relaxed, is should consider the actual Chinese language level of foreigners, To carry on the Chinese character and the pinyin contrast type teaching, here can from "the mountain village wing" in the "one to two or three miles" began to teach.

Further, when foreigners learn Chinese characters, their teaching should be based on recognizing and writing first, recognizing and writing less, perceiving the form first, remembering the sound of the words, understanding the meaning of the words, and reducing the writing requirements. Then the stroke decomposition, the correct decomposition of Chinese characters into strokes, easy to write Chinese characters. At the same time, we also need to strengthen the practice of Chinese characters in class test. So how to learn Chinese characters in teaching? It seems to me that Chinese is taught in beihaimandarin with Shanghai uniqueness.