What type of student does the Chinese course HSK fit for?


When foreign students choose to learn Chinese, the first problem is what kind of Chinese courses do they choose? Are those courses right for themselves?

Next, let's explain the suitable crowd to learn the Chinese course HSK

1.HSK is suitable for junior high school students over 14, high school students and college students.

2.It is particularly suitable for high school students preparing to study in China, because an important indicator of college in China is to pass the HSK4 test. 

3.Students who go to China for a master's or PhD need to exceed HSK4 to better understand the curriculum and complete their studies, and generally need to reach the  
 level above HSK6. 

4.Foreign employees ready to work in China or have worked in China, in addition to some spoken Chinese, must also be able to accurately read Chinese documents and reports, write relevant Chinese reports, HSK courses have grammar, reading and writing courses, Comprehensive and systematic help to improve the Chinese language. Chinese in different situations, how should accurately express your meaning, otherwise it will let the other side misunderstand your meaning. 

5.People who have a strong interest in Chinese and want to further understand Chinese history and Chinese culture are the best introductory course that lays a solid foundation for learning more advanced Chinese courses in the future. 

The HSK course has a simple to deep, comprehensive and systematic teaching mode, and is subject to the only textbook designated by the Chinese government, which meets the standard of the official Chinese test. If you want to better understand and learn the HSK courses, please visit our official website. On our official website www.beihaimandarin.com, there are free full HSK1 courses and full HSK2-4 courses, Chinese reading materials, Chinese Vlog, a one to one -online courses and more. 

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin