The Great Achievement China Sky Man 1 successfully landed Mars


China's National Space Administration confirmed that at about 7 a.m. on May 15,the Tianwen 1 probe successfully landed in the southern part of the Utopia plain on Mars,"Zhu Rong" Martian then sent back a telemetry signal to Earth to confirm the successful landing of our first Mars mission. This means that China is the third country to land on Mars after the United States and the Soviet Union,and the first country to land on Mars in Asia.  | learn Chinese words 火星车 huǒ xīnɡ chē Mars car

After the successful landing and sending back the signal, the "space experts" who were looking forward to the mission's failure were also sour, There are so-called "space scientists" even claimed that because of China's secrecy about the process of landing on Mars, he would rather pay tribute to a "public failure" than China's "secret victory ", which is a bit shameless. But it is also well understood that blocking China's growth from any point of view is a daily task for anti-China activists in the United States and the West. These noises can not stop the rapid development of Chinese people. And become the joke of the world. | learning Chinese 登陆火星 dēnɡ lù huǒ xīnɡ landing on Mars

For a long time, the United States has blocked exchanges with China in space technology, before even excluding China from the International Space Station project, now that China has made remarkable achievements in space on its own, Americans are starting to complain that China's spaceflight is "opaque and undisclosed ", this double-standard attitude is really disagreeable. To be sure, no matter what these people say, China will continue to explore space, which no country can obstruct.  | learn Mandarin 国际空间站   ɡuó jì kōnɡ jiān zhàn International Space Station

In the future, there is only one space station in space is the Chinese space station. I really don't know if Americans want to board the space station so proud to ask people? | learning Mandarin 双标 shuānɡ biāo double-standard 

Edited by Baoyang from ShanghaiB Beihaimandarin