Why do we understand Chinese history and Chinese culture ?


Foreign students learning Chinese also have a general concern :" Why do we want to understand Chinese history and Chinese culture ?" This question can be answered in several ways.

1.Should understand the behavior of a national family and a nation , and should not unilaterally comment on the countries of different systems and forms with  themselves national systems , national forms and their own preferences . In this world, there are many media and people who like to be high, open to mouth, and blame other countries and nations indiscriminately. In addition to some political reasons, there is a lack of understanding of the history and culture of other countries.

2.In the long river of human history, the development of various nationalities is also uneven, so there are different national cultures, there are many national historical stories and historical figures, if you are learning the language of the nation, Do not understand these background knowledge, often make jokes.

3.China has a recorded history of five thousand years, it has a unique splendid civilization and culture, creating rich language and literature. Therefore, learning Chinese language is not only to understand several Chinese characters, but also to understand the background of China, which will be of great help to improve Chinese writing and reading.

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Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin