About the Chinese proficiency test


One of the most concerned questions for foreign students learning Chinese is about the Chinese proficiency test. Through a stage of study, how can you know the effect of their study, then you will want to take the Chinese proficiency test. At the same time, the Chinese proficiency examination is also a necessary entry certificate for a foreigner to take part in university studies and work in China.

Chinese proficiency test (HSK) is an international standardized Chinese proficiency test set up to test the Chinese proficiency of non native speakers, including foreigners, overseas Chinese, Chinese and Chinese minority candidates.Level 1-6 is the level HSK the Chinese proficiency examination. Candidates at HSK 6 level can easily understand the Chinese information they hear or read and express their opinions fluently in Chinese in oral or written form.

Each year, the HSK is held regularly in China and overseas. If the test results meet the prescribed standards, they can obtain the corresponding level of "Chinese proficiency Certificate ".

The Ministry of Education of China has set up the National Chinese proficiency examination Committee, which has full authority to lead the Chinese proficiency examination and issue a certificate of Chinese proficiency.

In March 2021, the Standard of Chinese Level of International Chinese Education was issued by the Committee of Language and Character Norms of the State Language Commission. The Chinese name Chinese level examination foreign language name Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (abbreviated: HSK) examination grade HSK1-9 level examination form.HSK7-9's examination content is designed to study master's degree in China, doctoral graduate students and foreign scholars engaged in scientific research in China.

HSK 7-9level test is the same test paper, according to different test scores to grade.

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Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin