Which is the best one to learn Chinese online ?


The first problem faced by foreign students learning Chinese online is how to Choose Chinese Learning Online Platform?? For this purpose, we analyze from many angles as a reference for students learning Chinese.

The choice of Chinese online learning platform is mainly considered from two aspects.

1.Purpose of learning Chinese?

If you just want to learn simple conversation and oral communication, you can choose some short video, interesting Chinese teaching website. A truly complete and systematic study of Chinese must be strictly selected, the teaching system is complete, the qualification of senior Chinese teachers as foreign language teachers, whether there is a teacher support system and training system, and conforms to the Chinese teaching standards and examination standards for Chinese Official as a foreign language. At the same time, the platform should have auxiliary reading, listening, Chinese history and Chinese culture content. Platform or website content is updated at least weekly to keep up with the rapid development of China.

2.What level do you want to learn from the Chinese learning online  platform?

To learn the whole Chinese course HSK and pass the Chinese course exam for Obtain appropriate certificates,this Chinese learning platform takes very little.You should Spend a lot of energy to choose it well .

Next , we will discuss the content and integrity of the online Chinese education course .Take Shanghai Beihaimandarin Chinese learning platform as an example.

1)Learning Chinese is a systematic project

Online Chinese teaching courses should be set in accordance with “the International Chinese Education Chinese level Standard”for Chinese as a foreign language. According to the current standard, it should be divided into six levels, that is, HSK1-6. Courses at each level contain about 15 lessons.
For example: HSK1 has 15 lessons ,248 teaching videos, including new words, Pinyin, grammar, reading, writing Chinese characters and corresponding exercises.HSK2 has 15 lessons, a total of 249 teaching videos. HSK3 and HSK4 also have so many courses, HSK1-4 alone have about a thousand videos;

2)with exercise library;

3)Chinese character writing teaching content;

4) grammar explanation;

5) Reading aids;

6) Hearing Auxiliary Materials;

7) Free Open Class

Answer students' questions online once or twice a month.

8) Chinese History and Chinese Culture

For help students learning Chinese understand the background of China;

9) Teacher Support System

Ensure the stability of teachers' teaching standards and achieve uniform standards, while allowing students to preview and review;

10) Chinese proficiency test

On Beihaimandarin Chinese Teaching platform, you can test your Chinese level at any time to help you choose their course depth accurately.

The above ten standards are what the Chinese teaching platform should have.  Shanghai Beihaimandarin Chinese perfectly presents these contents to all learning Chinese students.

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin