How to learn Chinese online ?


As China becomes the world's largest economic market and leaps into the world's second largest economy, more and more people pay attention to China and hope to know more about China. Many foreign friends have asked many questions about learning Chinese. For this reason, we try our best to help students better understand the process of learning Chinese.

How to learn Chinese online ?

We know that students who ask this question have no time to study in local Chinese schools or are more willing to learn Chinese through the Internet.

Now we are in the digital age, the way of life has changed, the use of network to learn a variety of knowledge has become possible and gradually popular. Learning on the Internet is completely possible and efficient, and the effectiveness of learning has been praised by many students. The benefits of learning Chinese online are :

1)Teaching curriculum standards are high;

2)The teacher level is stable, you can get the best Chinese teacher;

3)Internet courses have a complete process of teaching, preview, review, all courses are     designed according to the Chinese standard course HSK, through learning, can 

  completely pass the Chinese proficiency examination;

4)At the same time, there are Chinese reading materials, Chinese listening guidance materials, Chinese Vlog, and Chinese teachers face to face communication online.

All these courses make students more efficient and knowledgeable than in Chinese schools .

All these services are available on our website, and Chinese HSK1 are free and open classes are free too. Why not try it?

The easiest way to learn:

1) Registration as a member online;

2) Watch guidebook;

3) Take a free level test ;

4) According to the test results, select the corresponding courses;

5) Insist on 15 - 3 0 minutes a day ;

6) Insist on attending 1 or 2 times open classes a month ;

7) After 12 months , you can reach the standard Chinese course HSK4 and the minimum requirements to study in the University of China or work in China .

We sincerely hope that students can add color to your future through our online courses.

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin