"Chinese brings me infinite possibilities"


Learning Chinese is not only about mastering a language and understanding a culture, but also about opening a door of opportunity for Chinese learners. In the process of continuous exploration, they have won the opportunity to study, grow up, but also harvest the opportunity of life. Today, let's get close to them and listen to their stories in Chinese.

Happy, from studying Chinese to spreading Chinese

Marcy (Argentina)

(Ma Xi is pictured after graduating from Jilin University)

I am from Argentina. I started learning Chinese in 2009 out of curiosity about Chinese characters. During the learning process, although I had to get up very early every weekend and take a two-hour bus to class, every contact with Chinese was a pleasure for me. Gradually, learning Chinese has become an important part of my life from a hobby, and the mysterious Chinese characters have attracted me deeply. I found that Chinese characters not only looked very beautiful, but also had profound meaning. Each character was like a poem.丨learn Chinese “Argentina”“阿根廷 ā gēn tíng”

Learning Chinese is like opening a magic box, which not only satisfies my long-held curiosity, but also stimulates my interest in Chinese culture. Seeing the world from the perspective of different cultures has opened my eyes and made me feel that life is wonderful and I have new experiences every day.

In 2014, I got a chance to study in Jilin University of China. I came to this beautiful country for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised by everything I saw. After returning to Argentina, I want to share my experience and joy of learning Chinese with more Argentines and let them know the beauty of China.Fortunately, I have successfully passed my application to study MTCSOL at Jilin University and come to China for the second time. During my two years of studying for my master's degree, the joy of learning Chinese became the joy of studying Chinese, and I had the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture.

During my master's degree, I discovered that native Spanish speakers have their own learning characteristics. Due to the close relationship between language and culture, in order for students to better master Chinese, we should not only pay attention to the differences between Chinese and Spanish, but also the similarities and differences between the two cultures. COVID - 19 outbreak, there are some false rumors about China, I desperately want you to see the real life of Chinese people, feel the foreigners in the eyes of the Chinese story, they created the bilingual WeChat public of Chinese and western, "learning Chinese", from the perspective of cultural linguistics to share my life experiences and learning thoughts. At this point, for me, the joy of studying Chinese became the joy of communicating Chinese.
If someone had told me 12 years ago that I would be doing a PhD on the other side of the world, I would not have believed it. But by chance, Chinese language has created endless opportunities in my life, opened doors to new worlds for me, and made my dreams come true. I hope you can learn Chinese with me, understand Chinese culture, feel the charm of Chinese language and Chinese culture, and also give yourself a chance to create unlimited possibilities.

Chinese allows me to meet a better myself

Aimee (Romania)

(Aimei participated in the 11th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students)

When I was very young, I was deeply attracted by the ancient and mysterious country of China. In 2015, when I was 14 years old, I started to learn Chinese out of curiosity about Chinese culture. I still remember my first Chinese teacher surnamed Yan, but she was not strict at all. With her professional knowledge, professionalism and personality charm, I fell in love with Chinese. She not only taught him to fish, but also to fish, and opened a door to my dreams. With the help of Miss Yan, my enthusiasm for learning Chinese continued to grow and I found a suitable learning method for myself.

One year later, as a representative of high school students from Romania, I took part in the 11th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students, where I got to know Chinese learners from all over the world and left a wonderful memory. It was, to say the least, a perfect experience, and it made me more determined to connect my future with China. In 2019, I successfully applied for the Chinese Government Scholarship. "I'm going to study on another continent and finish my college education in China, which I hauntingly dream of." Looking back on my Chinese learning journey, I can describe it as "everything was arranged for the best". The international Chinese teacher of the school was my first mentor to enter the Chinese language world. The summer camp of "China Tour" made me fall in love with China at first sight, and the "Chinese Bridge" made me reconfirm that China is where my heart belongs. It is the open China that has provided us learners of Chinese language and lovers of Chinese culture with so many opportunities to get close to her and know her better. What I have to do is to keep learning Chinese.

My story is simple. There are no ups and downs. It all comes naturally, but it makes sense. Because, I want to tell my peers, Chinese has broadened my horizon, cherish the opportunity to let me meet a better myself.

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Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition