Chinese lovers in Russia: Chinese will bring a better future


With the rise of Chinese language fever, Russian society's interest in Chinese language and Chinese culture has multiplied. Some young people are still learning Chinese through various means even after they graduate from university. In their opinion, Chinese will bring them a better future. Tima is a young Russian Sinologist. He studied law at university. I began to learn Chinese at the age of 24. Seven years later he earned a master's degree in Chinese. On April 20, the United Nations Chinese Language Day, Tima was invited to give a speech at a high school in Moscow to share his experience with students.丨Shanghai Jiao Tong University Pre-university Program

TIMA SASEDOV, RUSSIAN SINOLOGIST: Not only is the relationship between Russia and China growing, but the world's interest in China is growing, so if they can speak Chinese, of course they can get a good job. From learning Chinese to how to study in China, to how to adapt to the dialects of different parts of China. The interest of Russian students in China is beyond our imagination. In addition, Russian television also launched a special program on the United Nations Chinese Day on Tuesday.丨Free Chinese course HSK level 1

On the 20th, a Russian television morning program specially invited teachers from the Confucius Institute of Novosibirsk State Technical University to be a guest in the broadcast room. The theme of the program is called "Charming Chinese Characters". To prove that learn Chinese is not as difficult as it seems, the host of the program also learn Chinese words on the spot.| Beihai Chinese Vlog

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently about 100,000 people learning Chinese in Russia, including more than 10,000 people in Moscow. As the Russian college entrance examination has been included in the Chinese language examination subjects. Many high schools have started to offer Chinese courses. In universities, more and more students choose Chinese as their major. Many young people believe that Chinese will bring them a better future. There are more systematic Chinese courses in Beihaimandar, including HSK related information and courses.丨learn Chinese