Amazing China's first stealth jet fighter


In modern war, air power is one of the important determinants of war.In the second world war of the 1940s, the aircraft carrier over the giant gunner,is a good example.The wars in Iraq, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Libya all show that air control is one of the important factors that determine the outcome of the war.| learn Chinese word 制空权  zhì kōnɡ quán air control or air power 

Back in the last century, during the Korean War, although the Chinese People's Volunteer Army is far behind the U.S.-led 17-nation coalition, it pushes the front line from the Yalu River to the south of the 38 N,but the follow-up fatigue, the offensive weakened, unable to push forward.By 1953, the Chinese Air Force had gradually gained the ability to compete with the U.S. military for air power, the U.S. military had to sign an armistice without victory for the first time,in order not to risk being driven off the sea.It can be seen that air power is the status of modern war.| learning Chinese word 中国空军 zhōnɡ ɡuó kōnɡ jūn Chinese Air Force

Air control depends on the quantity and quality of fighter aircraft, advanced and leading fighter aircraft control the power of life and death in the air.As early as 20 years ago, the United States developed a five-generation stealth jet fighter F-22,allowing American military power to dominate the world.| Free learn Chinese Course HSK1

January 11,2011, this is an important day in the history of the Chinese Air Force,China's Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, the first test flight of the Chinese-made stealth jet fighter J-20(Chong J-20),Named "Weilong ",NATO code name Fire Fang.The aircraft was finalized in 2014 and joined the Chinese Air Force in 2017, now amount reaching nearly 100.| Chinese word 隐形战yǐn xínɡ zhàn dòu jī Stealth jet fighter

J-20 is a single-seat dual-engine new stealth heavy jet fighter, information, intelligent in one.Catching up and surpassing the F-22 stealth jet fighter developed by the United States two decades ago.| Chinese course HSK 2

According to China's chief test pilot, the J-20 uses a large number of China's own development and production of the most advanced sensors, and China's own research and manufacturing equipment, especially to introduce a few points:

1.The 1. J-20 stealth jet fighter uses a large diameter and high power active phased array radar, which is the most advanced airborne radar at present. It is more advanced than the AN/APG-77 active phased array radar technology used by the F-22 stealth jet fighter of the United States Air Force, than the United States Air Force F-35 stealth jet fighter used AN/APH-81 radar power.| Chinese course HSK 3

2.A Chinese-made EOTS infrared photoelectric aiming system was installed on the rear side of the J-20 radome,designed very much like F-35 stealth jet fighter.According to public information,F-35 stealth fighter's EOTS infrared photoelectric aiming system is good at capability,and the J-20 stealth fighter's domestic ETOS infrared photoelectric aiming system is more advanced to the air performance.| Chinese course HSK 4A

3.The J-20 stealth fighter's nose, sides of the fuselage, rear cockpit and belly position are also equipped with a Chinese-made  Photoelectric distributed synthetic aperture system,the system can greatly improve the fighter's perception, plus the pilot's helmet display, the entire aircraft many electronic warfare antennas, so that the J-20 fighter in the battlefield can do well.| Chinese course HSK 4B

4.The J-20 operates on a side pole. With both hands on both sides, the cockpit can be equipped with a large area of color display. The cockpit will feel very wide, so the pilot will be more comfortable working inside. After the United States F-16,F-35, French gust fighters, the new generation of Chinese fighters also adopted the technology.|Chinese Video Lessons HSK Level 1-4

5.The J-20 stealth fighter will be replaced with a Chinese-made turbofan 10- C Taihang vector nozzle engine, with a single thrust of 14.5 tons, which will bring to the same level or even surpass the performance of the F-22.| Shanghai Jiao Tong University Pre-University Program

Meanwhile, the J-20 S double seat stealth fighters also successfully tested, giving the J-20 S more functionality to lead a group of unmanned stealth fighters and unmanned stealth bombers to form an air fighter group,this power is unstoppable.| learn Chinese word 无人机 wú rén jī  unmanned  fighters      

The backward face of the Chinese Air Force has completely changed, can no longer tolerate the threat of the United States Air Force to China, can boldly say "no "! China can sit with the United States.|SJTU Pre-University Program

China's establishment of a strong air force is not to invade and bully other countries, but to protect its own airspace and the integrity of its territory, to protect the core interests of the country from infringement, and to make efforts to create a "China's establishment of a strong air force is not to invade and bully other countries, but to protect its own airspace and the integrity of its territory, to protect the core interests of the country from infringement, and to make efforts to create a "Human Destiny Community ".|learning Chinese word 人类命运共同体 rén lèi mìnɡ yùn ɡònɡ tónɡ tǐ "Human Destiny Community

In the near future, China will surpass the United States in economic aggregate, which is an irreversible trend and can not be stopped. Chinese civilization and Chinese culture always pursue the development of civilization, and the harmonious and pluralistic development of the world will make great contributions to the happiness of all mankind.

Learning Chinese language and understanding Chinese culture are the options that every young man on earth should consider from now on. The future of aspiring young people is bound to be closely related to the rapid development of China.

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  2011年1月11日,这是中国空军历史上重要的一天,中国成都飞机工业集团公司首次试飞了中国制造的隐形战斗机歼20(Chong J-20),命名为“威龙”,北约代号为Fire 




  1. 歼20隐形战机采用了中国产大直径大功率有源相控阵雷达,是目前最先进的机载雷达,比美国空军F-22战机使用的AN/APG-77有源相控阵雷达技术先进,比美国空军F-35隐