Overseas "Chinese plus vocational education" is booming to meet the career development needs of Chinese language learners in various countries


It is the direction and goal of Beihaimandarin to do a good job in basic Chinese education and to teach Chinese Course HSK series. In order to give you a better understanding of Chinese and learn it, our Chinese Course HSK1 is now open to you for free. This is also to let more international friends who love Chinese and China have more channels to learn and understand Chinese.丨Shanghai Jiao Tong University Pre-university Program

In early April, there was good news about the China-Laos railway jointly built by China and Laos. At present, more than half of the domestic section of the railway has been laid, and the main construction of the station has been completed. It is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year. While the infrastructure construction is progressing smoothly, the two sides have also made sufficient preparations in personnel training.丨Learning Chinese word “铁路”(tiě lù) railway

With the continuous advancement of China-Laos railway cooperation project, Laos needs a large number of inter-disciplinary talents who understand both Chinese and railway technology. With the support of the LCC, a Chinese + Railway professional training program has been held in the local area, and it is planned to provide learning opportunities for 600 Laotian students.丨 Beihai Chinese Vlog

"Chinese +" meets local needs

It is reported that the trainees who participated in the training will work as train drivers, dispatchers, equipment maintenance personnel and basic equipment maintenance personnel after passing the four stages of intensive Chinese learning, railway professional theory learning, field practice training of Kunming Railway Bureau and professional post skills training of China-Lao railway.丨Free Chinese course HSK level 1

"Chinese + training has been very important to me and has given me tangible results." Song Peng, a student, said, "I remember at the beginning of the class, I could not even understand the textbooks, but the teachers were very responsible and patiently taught us. "Now I know a lot about some railway-related vocabulary and my language has improved quickly."丨 Chinese course HSK level 2

Saikan, deputy director of the vocational education department of the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports, said the trainees will become technical backbone and experts in Laos and provide talent guarantee for the development of Laos' railway industry. | Beihai Chinese Vlog

Anunde, Deputy Director of the General Office of the Laos-China Cooperation Committee, also said that the operation and management of the railway will become a new challenge at the initial stage of its operation. It is hoped that the students will seize this opportunity, learn professional railway knowledge, and manage and operate the first modern railway in Laos well. | learn Chinese word “体育”(tǐ yù) sport

"Chinese Plus" has expanded to multiple fields

In recent years, with the development of science and technology and society, some emerging industries have gradually entered people's vision. In order to meet the needs of students from all over the world to understand and master new technologies, "Chinese +" has also entered more professional fields.丨Beihaimandarin Reading material

Recently, in the "Chinese + Career" online exchange camp jointly organized by Beijing language and culture university and Shandong Vocational College of Technology in the "Chinese Bridge" group exchange program, teachers from the school conducted professional teaching in the fields of "Chinese + photovoltaic power generation", "Chinese + navigation technology", "Chinese + air crew" and so on.丨 Chinese course HSK level 3

In specialized subject "Chinese + photovoltaic" class, the teacher taught by solar cells and components, photovoltaic power station planning and design, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic power station, photovoltaic power generation simulation display and so on, to show the students the photovoltaic technology application in the actual production and life, feel the current China's digital and intelligent power grid operation, learn the related vocabulary, Keep abreast of the latest technological developments.| Chinese course HSK level 4

"Chinese Plus" has broad prospects for development

In recent years, "Chinese + Vocational Education" has been developing vigorously in many regions, which has met the needs of Chinese learners in various countries for career development. At present, the "Chinese +" program has covered dozens of fields such as high-speed railway, economy and trade, tourism, law, customs and so on, which has been widely welcomed by students.丨Chinese Course HSK Test

Khon kaen university, Thailand assistant principal, o zarathustra wan in Egypt, Egypt's Suez Canal university application technology, dean of the school of ibrahim farris, director of Cambodia, Cambodia and China association executive secretary Zhong Yaohui said, such as training skills and knowledge of the inter-disciplinary talent can understand Chinese, can meet the demand of the economic development of all countries and meet students career development plans. I hope that the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" program will continue to innovate ideas, expand cooperation areas, and cultivate more local talents who understand technology, language and culture.丨Learn Chinese word “文化”(wén huà) culture

Experts advise, "+" in Chinese project should fully respect the Chinese teaching and professional skill teaching characteristics, on the basis of Chinese teaching, which are characterized by vocational education, in order to improve the quality as the core, the fusion education as the way and pilot projects for leading, perfecting the system and mechanism, to strengthen the construction of professional standards, strengthen teachers' training, vigorously develop the teaching resources, Provide guarantee for project implementation.丨learn Mandarin word“项目”(xiàng mù)   project

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