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In my youth, the most international news coverage was the Middle East war, the Middle East peace talks, Question of Palestine... .

The beginning seemed attractive, and over time there was no progress and no promise。About boring, see this kind of news immediately skipped, good time, what is 

not good, lazy to care. | Learn Chinese 

This year is 2021, the Middle East peace talks have become a joke, the protagonists to talk to God, on the ground. | Learn Chinese word 中东和平谈判

zhōnɡ dōnɡ hé pínɡ tán pàn , the Middle East peace talks


The successor still fought to the death, a scene of melee. I really don't understand when I' m young, the overlord of the world. Why the leaders are keen on this 

ineffective and boring marathon talks. | Learning Chinese

In the past decade, a new program of talks has been launched: the Iran Nuclear Agreement Conference, with the protagonists Iran and the United States, Supporting actors are France, Germany, Russia. Even the United Nations, which has done nothing well, is involved.The result is good at least, Iran Nuclear Agreement was finally signed. In less than a few years, the former president of the United States was upset and retreated,the group did not recognize the agreement. Iran is restarting uranium enrichment, and there is  chance of  nuclear weapon.

Iran's nuclear process can produce nuclear weapons by enriching more than 90 percent of its uranium. But Iran has been saying: The process is only for peaceful purposes – the development of its own nuclear energy. | Learning Chinese word 核武器 hé wǔ qì  nuclear weapon

What if Iran could build an atomic bomb? A nuclear weapon is like a trump in a card. It is only in hand that it has the power to throw it out, not anymore.There are five permanent members of the UN Security Council, including India and Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel which does not publicly claim to have nuclear weapons.But who dares to use it? Who will use it ? It's got a fight with the nuclear powers. In the event of a nuclear war, the earth will not be destroyed, but temporarily time goes back decades or hundreds of years.But if there were no nuclear weapons in the world, All country on earth,there should be no more than three wars of world, even four or five.The funny thing is that the weapon of peace is not human of conscience and evolution of thought,it was a momentary nuclear weapon. | learn Chinese word 世界大战 shì jiè dà zhàn war of world

There's a joke like this:

The Iraqis asked the Americans: Why did you hit me?

Americans answer: because you have suspected "weapons of mass destruction".

The Iraqis asked: Libya Gaddafi  abandoned the nuclear weapons, why you hit him again?

The American replied: he really does not have nuclear weapons, that we can rest assured of hitting him.

Iraqis again asked: North Korea really has nuclear weapons, why not hit it?

Americans laugh: because it really has nuclear weapons!

So the possession of nuclear weapons is not the real cause of the attack, but an excuse.

Whether it's the Middle East or Iran's nuclear process, there's one reason behind it: US dollar-oil system, who destroys this system, who will be hit by the United 

States. | learn Chinese word 美元-石油系统 měi yuán-shí yóu xì tǒnɡ  US dollar-oil system

There are three things that support American hegemony: high technology, military power, and the US dollar-oil system. High technology and military power both 

things are supported by us dollars, and the purchase of oil must be settled in dollars,It's like "toll ".As long as the United States holds the printing press, it can cut the 

"wool " of the whole world.The printed dollar is sold to the world in the form of U.S. Treasury bonds, so you can still keep the dollar on hold temporary time strong.

With the US dollar-oil system, U.S. interest in manufacturing has dwindled dramatically, with manufacturing outflows, the domestic manufacturing industry "hollowing 

". Therefore, which country dare to challenge the United States "money printing machine ", must has be military strike. | Free Chinese course HSK1

The real reason that U.S. is returning to talks on the Iran nuclear deal is that China has signed 25 years of cooperation with Iran plan, China and Iran's oil trade will be 

settled in RMB, a substantial "de-US dollarization" pace. The U.S. return to talks is aimed at preventing Sino-Iran cooperation and other Middle Eastern oil-producing 

countries from entering the country follow the example of a step. France and Germany are keen on Iran's nuclear deal and want to use the Euro to settle oil 

trade,breakdown the US dollar-oil system.

Perhaps some people ask, the United States can conquer Iraq and Libya by force, why not attack Iran?

First of all, the U.S. has a hard time beating Iran,because of Iran's complex terrain, China and Russia are behind it support, will be the second Vietnam war, it would 

take eight or ten years, treasury consumption, the boss position is not guaranteed.

Second,strike Iran, promote oil prices, make Russia benefit, the process of recovery accelerated.

Third,the EU Stubborn, so many adverse factors, the United States government will not do such a stupid thing.

What is it about the United States, in the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and the Eastern part of Ukraine, to stir up trouble?

These areas are only the possibility of local warfare, and the threat is greater than the true total war, but the United States

to its allies, let allies rest assured to follow him, support him.

China is the unique whole kind manufacturing country in the world,the potential for war is enormous. Seventy years ago, weapons were loaded far behind the United 

States Army, the United States and its seventeen families "United Nations Army" beat up and beat back South of t 38 N.Today, China's overall strength is less different 

from that of the United States,with China.the war will only haul down the United States in the top of the world, and the elite leadership of the United States knows 

that it is the strength behind it and behind the scenes  will not allow such folly.

To sum up, the hegemony of the United States gradually declined, the collapse of the Empire State Building is sooner or later, this rule is irreversible.Who could have 

thought of the speed of the collapse of the Soviet Union? America's Overlord, the speed of falling will be faster? unimaginable.

The Chinese nation has a history of five thousand years of civilization, splendid Chinese culture, and has accumulated profound strategies,and China does not seek hegemony, pursue the good wishes of the human Destiny community, the goal of the Chinese is the starry sea. | Learn Chinese word 人类命运共同体  rén lèi mìnɡ yùn ɡònɡ tónɡ tǐ 

If you want to understand the Chinese strategy, you must first understand the Chinese language, understand the history of China, then you can use the Chinese way of thinking to consider the problem, this is the difference between Chinese civilization and western civilization.

You want to know why China has become the world's second largest economy in just 30 years,second only to the United States?

Because the Chinese are good at learning, a foreigner can touch everywhere in the streets of China you can imagine how enthusiastic Chinese people are to learn English.Chinese family and individual people's investment in learning and education is unparalleled and imaginable in any country, so the Chinese can quickly absorb it experience and knowledge from abroad, together with hard work, have in all respects caught up with the world's advanced level, and certain the field has reached the world's leading level.

Learning Chinese language and studying in China is a major turning point in your life, something about China business is bound to flourish, and the past has proved that ,the future will again prove, to embrace the Chinese and Chinese markets,you will have a brilliant future.

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剪全世界的“羊毛”。而美国 印出的美元,是以发行美国国债的形式向全世界推销,所以仍可以保持美元的暂时强势。