Chinese idiom story 21 事半功倍 shì bàn ɡōnɡ bèi


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Idiom        事半功倍  shì bàn ɡōnɡ bèi 

Explain      twice the result with half the effort

Story background

During the warring States period, there was a great thinker named Mencius, who had many students.

Once he and his student Gongsun Chou talked about unifying the world.They start from Zhou Wenwang, said that at that time, Wenwang on the basis of only a 

hundred miles of small countries, the implementation of benevolent government, and thus created great achievements;And now the world's common people are 

suffering from war, with Qi such a large country with a wide range of people, if we can carry out benevolent government, to unify the world, compared with the many 

difficulties experienced by King Zhou Wen at that time, that would be much easier.

Mencius finally said :" Today, a great country like Qi, if it can carry out benevolent government, the people of the world must like it very much, as if to relieve their 

pain. Therefore, the favor to the people is only half of the ancients, and the effect must be doubled. Now is the best time !"

Later, according to Mencius said these two words, extended to "twice the result with half the effort ", used to describe the work spent less power and received great 


If it takes a lot of effort and time, but the efficiency is very low, we call it "half the result" (事倍功半 shì  bèi ɡōnɡ bàn).







  如果花了很大的力气和时间,但是办事的效率很低,,我们就称它为“事倍功半” shì  bèi ɡōnɡ bàn。

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