One punch on cotton


In the Chinese proverb, there is a saying that is often said to be "one punch on cotton ". Its meaning is a powerful, full-mouth train-running fool, with all his strength to attack a pile of cotton, the result of all his strength, can not hurt anyone, in vain and strength.

Recently, there is a news: China's Xinjiang cotton stand on the big event, said that the production of cotton is forced to pick cotton, so China's Xinjiang cotton is not good, can not use. Some big brands regard themselves as a so-called "noble" human rights defender, come out for a while, say stop buying Xinjiang cotton, and self-righteous prohibit raw material suppliers from buying Xinjiang cotton.

I feel a little confused, these noble human rights defenders do not read, do not study, do not go with the world, or from the 18th century Western slaves through the ancients, now also use people, hand-picked cotton? Do not know now Xinjiang cotton is big mechanized production?

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, corrected the statement :" not to force people, but to force machine labor ". I would like to add :" Forced robot labor "! These human rights defenders should set up a "robot union, leading them to fight against humanity and strive for the right to eat, drink and pick up girls. If these human rights defenders really do this, I will give you a big praise, by the way add a "chicken leg "!

Every normal person has his own thought and ideology, which is the basic characteristic of human being. Don't say that a country, the family of the basic unit of human beings, is not determined by one person's ideology of the whole family. Don Quixote is brave, but what is the result of hundreds of rounds of windmills?

We can imagine these human rights defenders, go back to pick their own clothes, there are suspected traces of Xinjiang cotton raw materials, all torn, it is estimated that underwear has not been worn! Or do we have money to earn together, big meat, big bowl drinking, not fragrant?

God is indeed fair, in the whole process of fermentation, Xinjiang cotton and its corresponding products are increasingly ordered. March 27 single-day orders more than 30 million yuan. In comparison, the share price of those big brands plummeted. Those human rights defenders can wash and sleep!

When dealing with Chinese people, you must learn Chinese, otherwise what you do will be half the effort and even the opposite.

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 Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin