Naturalized model! Alan studies Chinese for four hours a day and can already write Chinese characters simply


People's Daily Sports shared a story about naturalized footballerAlan Douglas Borges de Carvalho.As a naturalized international player who has played in Guangzhou, Tianjin and Beijing, not only he has professional qualities, but also a strong sense of belonging. Since the beginning of this year, he has enrolled in a Chinese training class taught by a Chinese teacher at a university in Guangzhou. Because of the epidemic prevention and control reasons, we take online classes and learn Chinese for more than 4 hours a day.

In the first two months, he has made great progress and can speak and write Chinese simply. From the study content, Alan should have a special liking for fruit cherries. Alan said that he will continue to study, break the language bottleneck, and in the future can speak fluent Chinese and write fluent Chinese characters.Alan's sense of belonging to the national football team is not as simple as learning a language.

In order to catch up with the Chinese National Football Team training at the beginning of this year, Alan returned to China after his vacation. On February 4th, at his first training session for registration, Alan declared: "I love this country very much. I am happy to represent the national team. I hope we can work together."

On March 23rd, Alan was interviewed in front of the camera for the first time in his national team shirt. Before the interview, a reporter praised Alan as "handsome" and Alan responded with "thank you" and "may I?" in short Chinese.

Speaking about his Chinese, Alain said he has been studying hard and has lessons with his teachers almost every day. "I am proud to wear the national team shirt and I feel happy from the bottom of my heart. I am familiar with my team-mates up front and I have no problems with my break-in. I hope I can do well and contribute to the team."

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