Chinese idiom story 19 螳臂当车 tánɡ lánɡ dǎnɡ chē


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Idiom  螳臂当车 tánɡ lánɡ dǎnɡ chē

Explain  an ambitious attempt without a sense of one's pitiable limitation

Story background

The Duke of Qi Zhuang took the carriage to the countryside to hunt, and saw a bug on the road, holding his front foot straight at the wheel of the carriage. Qi Zhuang Gong felt very strange, asked the driver said :" What is this bug ?" The driver replied ," This is the mantis. The worm only knows to advance, not to retreat; not to estimate its strength, but to attack the enemy ." Qi Zhuang said ," it's amazing. If he had become a man, he must be the bravest man in the world. Don't run him over ."

The driver hurriedly pulled the horse's head around the mantis. This incident spread, the world's warriors heard that Qi Zhuang Gong to a brave mantis still so cherish, all ran to Qi, willing to work for Qi Zhuang Gong.

This is the story of mantis. "Mantis arm when the car" is usually used to describe someone "out of control ", delusion to block the power of great progress, is not as praise as Qi Zhuang.

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                                                                                                     螳臂当车 tánɡ lánɡ dǎnɡ chē