Chinese/English Philosophical Story series 3. 视网膜效应/Retinal effects


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Remember four years ago, I wanted to buy a car. After a period of assessment, it was decided to buy a medium blue car. At that time, my impression was that most people buy white or black cars, so I have to choose a unique, this can show personal taste. While I was smug about buying myself a different car, I suddenly found that there were many cars of the same color as my car on the highway, in the alley, even in the parking lot of the building where I lived.

I'm beginning to wonder why people suddenly start buying blue cars? I share this sudden discovery with my colleagues around me. "I didn't see a lot of blue cars, but I found a lot of pregnant women.Last week, I went to the department store and saw six pregnant women in just two hours ." And she said this phenomenon, I and other colleagues did not find, thought, her discovery is probably coincidental!

Later, when I heard a speech, I learned that this phenomenon was psychologically called "retinal effect ". Simply put, when we own something or a feature, we pay more attention to whether others have it like us.

Mr. Carnegie argued long ago that 80% of each person's traits are strengths, while about 20% are our shortcomings. When a person only knows his own shortcomings, but does not know the advantages, the "retinal effect" will urge the person to find that there are many people around him with similar shortcomings, so that his interpersonal relationship can not be improved, life will not be happy.


To be popular and popular, one must have the ability to appreciate and affirm oneself. Because in the operation of the retinal effect, a person who sees his own advantages has the ability to see the merits of others. And can look at others with positive attitude, often is the necessary condition of good interpersonal relationship.

Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin