Chinese edamame bean is popular in Spain


In China, edamame bean has long been a staple of ordinary people's pre-dinner snacks. And recently in Spain, Chinese edamame bean is quietly "invading" the table of the Spanish people.

The Chinese vocabulary of edamame bean is “MAO dou”, also known as vegetable soybean, is a soybean crop that specializes in fresh and tender beans for vegetable use. edamame bean is a fresh, attached bean.

Edamame bean is an annual crop, stem coarse hard and fine hair, its pod for flat shape, pod also has fine hair, so people called edamame bean, fresh, pod tender green, green and lovely. It has a history of about 5000 years and originated in southern China. Today we're going to find out what happened to edamame bean in Spain.

 1.6 euros 500 grams!  China edamame bean popular Spanish  Spain "digital economy" website reported on March 9, one thousand - year - old Chinese food edamame bean, boost the Spanish famous mercado supermarket business success.

The Mercadona supermarket was one of the first to sell edamame bean products, selling a 500-gram refrigerated pack for 1.60 euros, while a 100-gram snack of edamame bean and other beans costs 1.50 euros. This bean originated in China and has been used for thousands of years. In recent years, edamame bean has become popular in Spain and even Europe, due to the rapid growth of Asian restaurants and its popularity as a pre-meal snack. On the other hand, edamame bean itself is a nutritious and healthy vegetable. According to Spanish nutritionist Carlos Rios, "Edamame bean is rich in healthy antioxidants and easy to cook." He usually cooks edamame bean with olive oil and eats it with a little curry and salt, depending on taste.

According to Mercadona, edamame bean is 100% natural, free of cholesterol and gluten, low in calories and high in protein, iron and calcium. And eating soy protein can help lower cholesterol levels. Edamame bean appears to have taken root in Spanish kitchens, according to reports.

Today we learned a Chinese vocabulary edamame (máo dòu), understanding of edamame bean have more. There are more interesting stories and more detailed Chinese lessons in BeihaiMandarin on our official website.