Oldest | Chinese idiom story 17 大器晚成 dà qì wǎn chénɡ


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Idiom  大器晚成 dà qì wǎn chénɡ 

Explain  a great man becomes famous late in life

Story background

The ancients were also very clever, but for them, casting big tripod  or something, is also a very laborious thing. Because the larger the casting, the longer the cooling time, the longer the waiting time. But the mentality of the ancients is good, believe that "good rice is not afraid of late ", although wait a little longer, but" big instrument "can eventually" late ".

In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a young man named Cui Yan. But he has a good character, a man of justice, and likes to make friends everywhere. But those literati do not like him, think he has no culture, and he has nothing to say. Therefore, those literati deliberately hide from him, once Cui Yan came, they all hide.

Once, Cui Yan came to visit a very learned person, wanted to make friends with others, the result was blocked at the gate, the next person told him that the master is studying, reading is too focused, can not find time to see him. Cui Yan, who was usually extroverted and generous, heard this and made a big red face. Although he did not say it, he his heart, this is people do not like themselves, feel that they are a rough person, do not deserve to make learned people. In the end he had to go away.

This matter is very exciting to Cui Yan, he finally knew that reading is also a very important thing, Guanghui martial arts will only be regarded as a martial arts. So he made up his mind to read well and become a man of both arts and martial arts in the future. Since then, Cui Yan everywhere worship teachers to study, modestly seek advice, do not let go of any opportunity to study. Gradually, he became a learned person, his people and knowledge is slowly recognized, naturally more and more people respect him.

Later, Yuan Shao heard that Cui Yan, such a man of ability, recruited him as his counselor. Cui Yan Yan became a counselor, he found that Yuan Shao's soldiers were very cruel and often did some grave digging. Cui Yan on the direct advice, let Yuan Shao control their own men. Yuan Shao felt that he had a point and believed him, so that his soldiers would stop doing so.

Later, Yuan Shao was destroyed by Cao Cao, Cao Cao long heard Cui Yan's name, naturally want to recruit him into his own command. Cui Yan also thinks Cao Cao is a generation hero, also willing to follow him. After returning to Cao Cao, Cui Yan gave him a lot of good ideas.

At that time, Cao Cao had several sons, and he had been uncertain who would be his successor. In fact, Cao Cao wants to set up Cao Zhi, because Cao Zhi is young but intelligent, smart children are naturally very attractive. Cui Yan, aware of Cao Cao's mind, still bluntly advised Cao Cao not to do so. He admitted that since ancient times, it has been long and young, the consequence is endless trouble, it is difficult to protect the former laid down the river for a long time.

Cao Cao listened to his advice, surprised, he asked Cui Yan :" Cao Zhi is your niece son-in-law, your niece son-in-law once become an heir, when you enjoy the glory and wealth ."

Cui Yan replied :" Even relatives I would like to say so, because this is about  power state ." Cao Cao admired his integrity so much that he paid more attention to him.

Cui Yan's achievements are so great, but his cousin Cui Lin is an unsophisticated child, relatives and friends look down on him, all day with Cui Yan's achievements to teach him, let him learn more with Cui Yan. But after the achievement of Cui Yan never looked down on Cui Lin, but always sent him to do that, deliberately cultivate him, often praised him.

Everyone does not understand Cui Yan's practice of heavy Cui Lin, think Cui Yan to do so is completely blind lighting white wax, Cui Lin will certainly not succeed in the future. But Cui Yan does not think so, he often moves out of his youth to say to everybody :" I was also a young boy, but now you also praise me as a successful person. Can you tell that Trilling will accomplish nothing in the future? I think he's going to be big in the future ."

Later, Cui Lin in Cui Yan's support, soon emerged. Compared with Cui Yan, Cui Lin is a more open-minded person. After the establishment of Wei, he was sent to Huizhou as a thorn history.

Cui Lin's intelligence made him very reused, and then the official post all the way up, he also did not live up to the emperor's grace, never stingy his wisdom and time, a lifetime of conscientious, conscientious, and finally died. Cui Lin did as Cui Yan expected ," late blooming ", became a loved good official.

So later, the idiom "大器晚成 dà qì wǎn chénɡ " was also used as a consolation word for people who had long failed. But the story of Cui Yan and Cui Lin is still a model for many people.

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