Chinese/English Philosophical Story series 2 The rabbit beat the fox/兔子跑赢了狐狸


After the result of "tortoise and rabbit race" spread, the happiest is the fox. Because it has reason to believe that a tortoise can not run away from the rabbit, how can escape their own claws? 

"I'm blessed ". The fox stretched as he thought, lying beside the only way for the rabbit to go home, squinting and waiting for the rabbit to come.

We can imagine such a scene: a rabbit desperately running in front, a fox tightly chasing, the distance between them is getting closer and closer, the fox seems to be able to quickly reach out to catch the rabbit's hind legs......

At this time, the rabbit was anxious, it clearly knew that the front of the bushes covered with thorns and hunters under the trap, or a head into the drill...

The fox stopped chasing and the rabbit saved himself.

Why should we, like rabbits, drill into that bush just for dinner ?" Afterwards, the fox said so to his children.

"At that time, I only know to run for life, nothing to think about ." This is the rabbit after the escape experience.

One is for a dinner, the other is to escape. Different goals determine different dynamics, and the result is natural.

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Edited by baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin



      当兔子发现狐狸的时候,想躲根本已经来不及了。除了撒开四腿拼命跑,兔子别无二路可选, 这样的场面我们是可以想象到的:一只兔子拼命的在前面跑,一条狐狸紧紧地追着,它们之间的距离越来越近,狐狸似乎很快就可伸出爪去抓住兔子的后腿了……