Chinese idiom story 16 苟延残喘 ɡǒu yán cán chuǎn


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Idiom 苟延残喘 ɡǒu yán cán chuǎ n

Explain   drag out one's feeble existence 


Story background

One day, Mr. Dongguo suddenly thought of the north Zhongshan to find an official to do, so he packed up and rode on a donkey. Mr. Dongguo, riding a donkey and walking, somehow lost his way. He was afraid to see the dust in front of him and not knowing where he was.

Suddenly, a wolf ran to him, his neck stretched out and begged ," Sir, isn't he very willing to help people in trouble? Now  hunters is chasing me, can you let me hide in your book bag early, so that my dying life will continue for a while? 'Why do n' t I have to be in my pocket early to survive ?' "In the future, if I have a day, sir will be my savior ." Mr. Dongguo  believed the wolf's words and hid the wolf in his book bag.

When hunters who pursued the wolf, went far, Mr. Dongguo released the wolf. At this time, the wolf suddenly showed a fierce light, cunning said :" thank you for saving me, but I am very hungry now, you are so kind, let me eat you ." With that, he rushed to Mr. Dong Guo. At this critical moment, a hunter came and shot the wolf to death with an arrow.

Later, people used the idiom "to survive" as a metaphor for temporarily struggling to survive. Meticulous.

Chinese culture is broad and profound, only 4 Chinese characters illustrate a profound moral, do not use your goodwill at some time.


Edited by Baoyang from shanghai Beihaimandarin