Chinese/English Philosophical Story series 1. 狼的建议/Wolf's advice


There are many interesting philosophical stories in Chinese culture, it is a part of Chinese brilliant culture, through learning Chinese so that you can learn more about Chinese culture and 5000 years of Chinese civilization history!

Hepherd keeps a lot of sheep. He sells wool for a living. During the day, the shepherd drove the sheep to the grass on the hillside, and at night he drove the sheep to the fenced sheepfold for the night.

A wolf coveted the sheep for a long time, but it had no chance of catching them, because during the day the sheep were grazing on the hillside with hounds, and shepherds were patrolling with shotguns, and as soon as the wolf appeared, there was no place to die. In the evening, the sheep lived in the sheep pen, the high fence blocked the wolf, it still had no chance to catch the sheep. Round and round the sheepfold, the wolf suddenly had an idea. It said to the sheep :" Now wool is worthless, I heard the master said that the New year is ready to kill you to sell meat! "I give you a proposal to avoid being killed, tomorrow when you go to the hillside to eat grass do not come back, every day to eat grass is very free, why not do it ?"

Many old sheep despise wolves, but one of the young sheep thinks the wolf's advice is good.

The next day, the little sheep who had finished eating grass on the hillside hid in the grass and did not follow the sheep back to the sheepfold. In the evening, the little sheep slept in the grass under the hillside, but it was very close to the wolf's home. The little sheep naturally became a wolf's dinner.

In life, risk exists, but if the advice to avoid risk comes from the enemy, you have to think carefully, because too many times, his advice will not bring you any benefits, will only lead you to the abyss of death.

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Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin

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