Amazing: the wind has changed!


Many people do not realize that China is ushered in the three "backflow ".

1. Return of funds. Foreigners began to scramble for Chinese government bonds, reaching 439 billion a quarter, and the smell of capital is very sensitive. On the other hand, as of September this year ,71 billion more money had poured into the Chinese market, including overseas capital such as Wall Street, and we withdrew from overseas.

2. Reflux of consumption. Some time ago, German media sent out feelings, saying that the Chinese used to spend money abroad, now stay in the country. Yes, hundreds of billions of people who had left overseas in a year now remain in China. In the first eight days of October, retail food and beverage consumption reached 1.6 trillion, tourism consumption 466.5 billion, all domestic consumption.

3. Trade back. More and more countries are beginning to accelerate their embrace of the Chinese market. South Korea, Japan, Ukraine, began to resume and our two-way visa-free, lifting the travel ban. Russia, Italy, more embrace China 5 G, energy, transport also increased cooperation. And including New Zealand, Chile, South Korea, Serbia and more than 10 countries, its ambassadors or consular representatives have appeared in Chinese enterprises Pinduoduo live broadcast "shouting" domestic goods, exchange culture, has begun to use the Chinese Internet to embrace the Chinese market.

On October 28, South Korea had good news and the economy was growing. And the key reason behind it is the growth of exports to the Chinese market. And such good news will accelerate more and more countries to move closer to China and understand who can really help them. This moment, really very emotional.

It can be predicted that the old world pattern is being "reorganized ", a new world pattern with China as the core is coming, we will wait and see!

      Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin