Oldest | Chinese idiom story 10 不自量力 bú zì liànɡ lì


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Idiom   不自量力 bú zìliànɡ lì

Explain  over-confident

Story  background

The story took place in the Spring and Autumn period. At that time,the country of Zheng and Xi are good-neighborly. A year, the country for a s mall matter, two countries fell out.

The king of the rest Xi wanted to crusade Zheng, so he called the minister to discuss it. Some said :" Your Majesty and King Zheng surname, do not easily use force ." Some say :" Is our prestige higher than Zheng Guo ?" Still say :" Is our strength stronger than Zheng Guoqiang ?"

The king of the Xi could not hear the persuasion at all. He ordered all soldiers to attack Zheng. Zheng immediately sent troops to fight. Finally, the Xi was beaten to abandon the armour, in a state of unease.

"over-confident" is not to measure their own strength and act. It was this mistake that the Xi failed.

                    Edited by Baoyang from Shanghai Beihaimandarin