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China's grand meeting of the East, the third China International Import Expo as promised! Time November 5-10,2020.
General Secretary Xi Jinping said in a video address
China ensures the safety of epidemic prevention
To host this global trade event as scheduled
China shares market opportunities with the world

Sincere desire to promote world economic recovery

Buy Global, Sell Global
High-quality goods, enthusiastic procurement group...
The Expo has become a great stage for the import of goods, technology and services, and for concentrated display

What is the difference between the special period of the Expo?
The exhibition is larger. Enterprises from all over the world actively participated in the exhibition, with a total exhibition area of nearly 30,000 square meters larger than the previous scale. A total of six exhibition areas were set up for food and agricultural products, automobiles, technical equipment, consumer goods, medical devices health care and service trade. Under the special circumstances of this year, the exhibition area of the Expo has been expanded again, which fully shows that the world is full of confidence in the Chinese economy and the global enterprises are full of expectations for the Chinese market.

The quality of exhibitors is higher. The world's top 500 and industry leading enterprises are more willing to participate in the exhibition, the return rate is more than 70, the exhibition area is 14% more than the previous year, and dozens of enterprises have signed the next three consecutive contracts. Most of the top 10 well-known enterprises in pharmaceutical, medical equipment, dairy, high-end consumer goods, automobile, industrial electrical, construction machinery and other industries will make a wonderful appearance at the Expo.

The exhibition level of exhibits is higher. There will be hundreds of new products, new technology, new services during the third Expo "global first, China first exhibition ", many industry segments of the" invisible champion "will also show its first products. Exhibitors pay more attention to booth design and green building, integrate more scientific and technological elements and environmental protection concept, the proportion of special installation further increased to 94%.

The Expo will also set up a new public health and epidemic prevention, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent travel and other professional exhibition areas, and the introduction of cloud signing, cloud road performance and other ways to fully show the new trend of online and offline integration.

The enthusiasm for exhibitors is higher. In this year's special situation, the Expo will take the initiative to control the size of exhibitors, focusing on inviting professional audience with clear purchasing intention to attend the meeting. Even so, buyers everywhere are still actively signing up, a total of 39 trading groups, nearly 600 sub-groups ,112000 registered units, the number of registered 400000 people. It is reported that buyers have a greater demand for all kinds of exhibits services, among which the technical equipment, automotive and service trade attention is high.

Costa, Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell version —— one of the world's greenest commercial vehicles

The world's first all-carbon fiber supercar ——Apollo IE

The first hydrogen fuel production heavy truck —— modern vehicle heavy truck XCIENT

Advanced self-driving system—— the Fifth Generation L4 Self-driving Software and Hardware System

China International Urban Rail Transit Development Forum
Fourth Industrial Revolution and Intelligent Travel Forum
Third Global Automotive Trends Forum

In the next few days, we will explore the Expo in depth to bring more vivid and detailed reports, please look forward to!

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